CliffyB, the retro gaming god

One astute Joystiq reader found something of great interest buried within the first Nintendo Power issue, which was recently uploaded onto the internet. In the top right corner of page 99, within the "NES Achievers" section, Cliff Blezinski from North Andover, MA, tied among a list of players with the best Super Mario Bros. score of 9,999,950.

Is this the same CliffyB that is making Gears of War, the game we drooled over at E3? You can see the obvious influence Mario had in the making of Gears of War: just replace "Locust" with "Koopa" and "Assault Rifle with mounted chainsaw" with "fire flower." The resemblance is uncanny.

An e-mail to the B-man confirmed that Cliff Blezinski (super-ace butt stomper) is, in fact, Cliff Bleszinski (super-graphic curb stomper) -- the additional 's' makes all the difference. What follows is a rather interesting and hilarious reaction from the man himself about Nintendo, his childhood, and Nintendo Power editor Howard Phillips:

Sidherich6177d ago

Its on CliffyB's own website since at least September 2004

USMChardcharger6177d ago

not anything to do with the actual article, but i found two guys comments at each other funny from the source site of the article:

13. What a sellout. Nintendo made him a gamer... then he goes and starts making Xbox games? If he liked Nintendo Power so much, why isn't he making Gears Of War for Wii? Some loyalty...

Posted at 3:51PM on Jul 10th 2006 by Jay 0 stars

14. Jay... I love Nintendo too! I guess I should smash anything not Nintendo with a hammer. Like my Xbox 360, my laundry machine, your nuts, etc...

andy capps6176d ago

#14 is great. Haha! Funny article, seems like a really down to earth guy.