MGU Review - Dexter: The Game (iPhone)

MGU writes: "If you're not familiar with the hit television show, then you probably have no interest in this game. However, if you like the idea of balancing dual lives in a twisted investigative adventure, then perhaps you'd like to step into the shoes of television's favourite serial killer, Dexter.

Fans of the show need no introduction, but if you're haven't fallen for Dexter's charm here's the low down. By day Dexter Morgan is a forensics blood spatter expert and a very nice guy, by night he's a secret serial killer. He's not your typical serial killer though, as he preys on the guilty. Using his profession as his tool, he seeks out those who have similar secrets, then gives them a taste of their own knife.

Dexter the game portrays events from the first series of the show. As the man himself, you must carry out a series of investigations, keeping your dark side in order, and track down evidence to prove other killer's guilt. Only then can you unleash the darkness and carry out your own form of gruesome punishment."

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