Guardian: PES 2010 – how could I ever have doubted you?

Guardian writes: "Maybe it was the continued innovation of the online play, particularly the 10vs10, or the vastly improved feel of the action. Or perhaps it was the dubious pleasure in playing as Southampton - but FIFA 10 has certainly seduced me recently. And as a total package FIFA 10 is hard to beat. But after a weekend playing PES 2010 it has quickly became obvious that on the pitch – ultimately where it matters most, of course – PES simply plays the more satisfying and entertaining game of football."

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WildArmed3296d ago

Great to have anotehr AAA experience.
Man Oct is just full of surprises

KAEM73295d ago

right on the money. I agree with him, pes 2010, after playing the demo and a show version extensively, has my preference above fifa 10. The pace and style of play, wich is back to a more passing play (like it used to be in the glory days) is great. I do really hope the online is sorted this year. I will go for pes regardless, because i play home games mostly, with friends on the couch.