Call Of Duty 4 Large Info Summary

Cod4 Forums has gathered a lot of info to do with COD4. The info comes from magazine articles, interviews and anything else that has let slip some of the games details.

This is part of the article:


- Experince Based Progression
- Unlockable Player Customization
- Unlockable Weapon Customization
- Unlockable Equipment
- Ability to call in airstrikes
- Ability to man Vehicles
- Ranks are sorted as experience-based progressions

Single Player:

- Ability to fly aircraft at some point
- All Cut Scenes in 1st Person
- Episodic Storyline
- Missions split into days
- Very cinematic feel
- British SAS playable
- U.S. Marine Corps 'Force Recon' playable
- Captain Price is back!!
- Slimmed down HUD
- Will spawn 15 seconds after death


- IW in-house engine, possible with rag doll effect
- Incredible Physics
- Destructible Environment
- Fast load times
- Rim Lighting
- Depth of Field
- Ability to shoot through some materials
- Accurate Nigh Vision
- "Eyes" adjust to light over time
- 60fps

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N4GayFanturds4168d ago

how many online?? Cause if it's 8 player only, like CoD2, then "Forget about it."

FCOLitsjustagame4168d ago

All I need to know is if the campaign is as good and immersive as COD2 or if it’s all about the cut scenes like COD3. Not that COD3 was horrible but if I could redo it I would not pay full price for it. Something as good as COD2 I would pay full price for in a second.

DirtyRat4168d ago

CoD2 was crap compared with CoD1, and even more so if you compare it to CoD;uo, IW are gonna hae to do something very special for me to care about CoD4 on PC.

id dot entity4168d ago

All cut scenes in first person? Hope they do it better than with CoD3... those scenes suck big time.