The Portable Gamer Review: FIFA 10

TPG writes: "Here is the good news, the license is in full effect here, and to varying degrees of accuracy you get real players, teams, and leagues. You can choose from the MLS, Ligue 1m, K-League, Coca-Cola Leagues, and many more; there are 30 leagues in all. Within these leagues are hundreds of teams and thousands of real players. For hard core players, everything you could ever want is in here. The different modes included are Manager Mode, Tournament, Be A Pro, Training, and Penalty Shootout. Manager Mode is not a full featured sim, but allows you to do the basics. Be A Pro lets you create or follow your own star as he works through the different modes. You can also host or join a WI-FI game if you choose. Finally, Options lets you set a plethora if different settings including weather, camera, game length, and AI skill. Here is where it starts to break down: unfortunately you cannot change the AI skill of your teammates as they seem to be stuck on stupid. I couldn't get any help from the players I wasn't controlling and it seemed like they didn't have any idea of how to get into position to assist me. Passing, being one of the core functions, should be simplified and the defense options should be tuned to actually work."

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roblef3478d ago

FIFA is real football, yeah? Looks cool.