Gamezebo: FarmVille

Gamezebo writes: "Currently the most popular game on Facebook, Zynga's FarmVille lets you grow crops and raise animals on a virtual farm. You'll start off with a small plot of land that you can use to grow into rows of fruit trees or fields of veggies, or even add animated farm animals that can roam about freely or within the confines of their pens.

FarmVille is free to play, with the option of spending real-world cash on special items (more on this later). You'll begin the game with some "farm coins" to start plowing your land and planting a small crop to start with. Certain activities like plowing and planting can cost a few coins, which you can earn back by selling what you've grown. You have to keep an eye on your crops, though, because if left too long they'll wither and die, and will not only become worthless, but will cost you a few coins to have them removed. As you earn more coins, you'll be able to invest in more seeds, or purchase animals like cows."

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