STP: Galcon Labs Review

STP writes: "The original Galcon hit the App Store over a year ago. In that game, you control a fleet of ships fighting for control of a group of planets. You launch spaceships off of planets you control in order to overtake neutral and enemy-controlled planets. The goal, of course, is total domination. This is a numbers war, so you want to grow your fleet as large as possible as quickly as you can, all while securing control of new planets and protecting the ones you rule. Which planets you attempt to conquer and in what order is all part of the strategy.

The gameplay basics this time around are exactly the same as in the original. However, now there are some new game modes to choose from, each offering a slight variation on the original "classic" mode. The only difference between Galcon Labs and the original Galcon are these three new modes: Billiards, Crash, and Assassin."

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