Release of the Week: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

GrE writes, "I would like to start off this week noting an honorable mention. Brutal Legend also hits shelves this week on the PS3 and 360. Following the adventures of a a rock 'n' roll roadie voiced by Jack Black, Brutal Legend is positioned to be one of the biggest games this holiday season. This is Double Fine's first game since the highly acclaimed but poorly received Psychonauts. It is a can't miss action game that could only be overshadowed by something as big as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves...."

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wondroushippo3292d ago

This seems like a very worthy release of the week.

roblef3292d ago

I can't wait to slap this up on my HDTV. It is going to look awesome!

WildArmed3292d ago

seems like release of the month honestly. But yeah :)
Great pick

SnuggleBandit3292d ago

seems like the release of the year honestly but yeah :)
Great pick

wondroushippo3292d ago

Where is the love for Brutal Legend?

roblef3292d ago

I just hope it sells better than Tim Schafer's last game did.

bgrundman3292d ago

I never played the original... will that effect my enjoyment of this one?

edwineverready3292d ago

Your enjoyment of life! yeah it's better to play the first it's cheap and you will be more envolved into the story of the second one.

Aclay3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I remember Naughty Dog said that people didn't really have to play the first game in order to understand Uncharted 2's story, but I would personally recommend that anyone who plans on getting Uncharted 2 play the first game beforehand.

Uncharted 2 is a pretty significant step up from the Original, and I really don't think a lot of people will be able to fully appreciate all of those upgrades in Uncharted 2 until they play the first game beforehand and then move on to the Second, because Uncharted 2 will spoil you dearly.

frnkyl3292d ago

I've seen cutscenes of Uncharted 2 and I can say it's better if you've played the 1st one. They say things that will be funny to you if you've played the first one.

WildArmed3292d ago

there are alot of jokes that you'll pick up if you play the first one.
Makes U2 alot more fun in that sense.
But the plot wont be effected that much. You might find the chemistry between certain characters to be more apparent if u play UDF

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edwineverready3292d ago

Brutal legend will sell. it's already seeing a increase in pre-orders. casual gamers will see the commercial and jack black and will buy it. i will also buy it because it will be a blast. tim schafer WTF

TheGuardianFID3292d ago

NO NO NO, Release of the DECADE, come on people get it right do I have to do everything myself, sheesh!!! >:( :P :D

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The story is too old to be commented.