148Apps Review: FIFA 10

148Apps writes: "When it comes to sports games on the iPhone, soccer has faired perhaps best of all. Real Soccer 2010 and X2 Football 09 are certainly worthy contenders, but FIFA delivers tentatively the best soccer experience yet with an impressive amount of content of good gameplay.

FIFA has an absolute bevy of content. There are 30 leagues, 570 teams, 20 tournaments, and 12,620 players, all licensed, though some of the player stats are questionable. There is Manager Mode, where you take the role of an executive with full control over your roster, tournament mode where you enter a tournament, Be a Pro mode, where you can create your own player from scratch, upgrading his stats RPG-style as you go along, and more. All of these game modes do create an impressive amount of replay value, but unfortunately the multiplayer is local only, somewhat dampening the appeal."

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