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GrE writes, "NOTE: I know what you are thinking: "But Gabriel, the release date for GH: Van Halen is December 22nd, silly!" Well, thanks to the generosity of Activision, I was able to get my ever-twitching hands on a copy of the game WAY early.

Whatever you have to say about Neversoft's style of making music games, you've got to hand it to them: they are some prolific mothertruckers. This year alone they have pumped out more Guitar Hero games than you can count on one hand. In all honesty, it's surprising these guys get enough sleep to be able to put out so many games, especially considering that all them are all of at least decent quality."

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roblef3297d ago

I bet there are some awesome notecharts in this game.

wondroushippo3297d ago

yeah, but the soul just seems gone. It is sad to see.

roblef3297d ago

Doesn't there get to be a point where there is just too many music games?

wondroushippo3297d ago

Well considering that Lego RB, GH: Van Halen, Band Hero, and DJ Hero are all still scheduled before the end of the year, I think so.

bgrundman3297d ago

I liked their music, so I hope this does well.

NMC20073297d ago

People love music, people love games, put em together and you get music games, so no, they will never die, they are like the FPS or Sports genres, they will keep going no matter how little they improve over each iteration.

VanHalen3297d ago

Somebody said Fair warning! Lord strike that poor boy downnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.