Will the addition of Last FM, Sky, Twitter and Facebook benefit the Xbox 360?

With the update of Twitter and Facebook on the Xbox 360 coming soon, Baxy-Z take a look at whether or not the addition of Sky, Last FM, Twitter and Facebook will truly benefit the Xbox 360, or if it is simply a cash-in.

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PirateThom3295d ago

These things aren't to help sales in anyway.

You can get a Sky+ box for as low as FREE, you can get Facebook or Twitter on everything.


These things exist to make Live more attractive because of the high cost for few real features.

Cherchez La Ghost3294d ago

But the more you have to access, the happier the masses will be.

CRAIG6673294d ago

Dude but you have missed one VERY important thing regarding the SKY player-you DONT have to sign a minimum 12/18 month contract this is why i have always avoided getting it,but i cant wait to get it for my 30 and pick and choose when i want to pay for it!

Lastfm will also be awesome for just rolling out a random playlist while you are online playing horde or whatever!

And ive got a feeling faacebook will be very benificial in terms of gettings partys together to play online etc...

ReservoirDog3163294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yup, that's the truth. Anyone who says otherwise needs to think this through more thouroughly.

And Cherchez La Ghost, his name is (Pirate)Thom, not (Pirate)Tom. Tom is a fanboy, Thom is one of the most sane on N4G.

edit: Hey, I just noticed I have 7 bubbles now instead of 6. Cool.

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GR8 13294d ago

At least Microsoft are doing something new rather then like ps3 just trying to catch up to Xbox live features, which xbox live users have been using for since it came out like cross game chat.

PirateThom3294d ago

Shame about the lack of games though, enjoy Twitter and Facebook... which the PS3 has had since launch, along with the rest of the internet.

dgroundwater3294d ago

This is much different. Both services are fully integrated and streamlined exclusively for the console. Until Facebook and last.FM offer a "PS3 Mode" I call this an advantage.

ZombieAutopsy3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Ok i just have to say CrossGameChat is so over-rated, no one that i know with a 360 uses it including myself really what is the point of talking to someone playing a different game all it really is now is something for people to brag about having.

Yep you got me no friends /sarcasm

Judging by your past comments your just gonna take anything that isnt pro MS to heart which is sad. Go to bed now im sure you have to get up for school in the morning.

ambientFLIER3294d ago

Lack of games? Doesn't the xbox have a lot more games than the ps3 available?

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