New Lair Video

Make your way inside the deadly temple and lay down all sorts of destructive firepower from your dragon mount.

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InMyOpinion4756d ago

They should rename it to The Darkness...

TheExecutive4755d ago

lol... ok dude... its a video taken from offscreen... not like its a direct feed.

techie4756d ago

the guy playing has no fooking clue what he's doin. Just shooting fire like noones business. Can't see mooch in that vid...but the fire is muchos improved IMO

pilotpistolpete4755d ago

Every gameplay video I've seen has the player continuously shoot fireballs non-stop. I hope to god thats not the real way to play the game. Not only does it make LAIR look monotonous and boring, but it makes the dragons look mechanical. I am sure that the makers of the game worked hard on making both the humans and dragon lifelike. But as it stands, it looks like a super nintendo style shooter but withough the b button bombs.

I really hope this game is gonna be great. Especially with the thin lineup so far. Its too early to judge the game from the current game play, but i hope there's more than this. I've seen one video where the player tried to jump off to the enemy dragon, much like the psn video, but his attack failed.

grifter0244756d ago

Do you know what he should do in the video Deep? No you dont and neither do I so saying that comment of your's was dumb. Good job though,I cant wait to see the HD video's of this game, it does look good reminds me a lot of Panzar.

techie4756d ago

I do actually know what he should be doing in the video. He needs to fire fire in the eyes, and then he needs to grapple with the hanging thing on the rope inside the head :) There. I've watched many a video of Lair so don't underestimate me son.

Kyur4ThePain4756d ago

a gentleman and a scholar. Watch what you say.

Deep, thanks for your hard work and many contributions, especially over the last number of weeks. Keep it up!

grifter0244755d ago

Wait you've watched many a video on lair.... So they just show the same game play over and over again? That is kinda cheap if you ask me, Plus I'm sorry for doubting you, you must already know how to beat the end boss huh. I'm so very sorry to underestimate you .. hehe just kidding, Wow you know what a game play video show's and you think you know what to do in a game that hasnt even gone gold yet. I applaude you for thinking you know what you have to do in this game, So childish good job "Son."

techie4755d ago

Oh shoot up. Your reply was childish. I was merely pointing out (like many others have at the gaf) that the guy was just being over excessive with his fire balls...shooting them off like noones business.

"Just finished watching the second gameplay video, it's incredibly frustrating to watch someone who just has absolutely no clue on what he's supposed to do, all he does is jam on the fire button over and over."

I replied in an amusing and unprovocative way, and yet I get a rude reposnse like yours. I then reply sarcastically that I do know what he should be doing...and once again i get a rude reponse. Why don't you learn to grow a sense of humour, and also be less agressive in your posts towards other members.

NewZealander4755d ago

nice to see you sticking up for your girlfriend, deep is just as bad as the mart

techie4755d ago

You want to prove that for me New Zealander? Why don't you go and find a quote of me bashing the Xbox360 or Microsoft? That should prove that I'm like TheMart.

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lil bush4756d ago

this game is gonna be so sick, im so excited about this game....

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The story is too old to be commented.