Uncharted 2 PS3 not original, still a pioneer

Developer Naughty Dog Inc.'s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 isn't original. The game is wholly inspired by action movies, yet it is a pioneer in its execution of action adventure game elements.

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Relientk773294d ago

Metacritic score of 97


Isaac3294d ago

In the way it delivers everything, just like God of War *is* original, not because it was the first greek mythology game (it was not) but because of the way they deliver.

WildArmed3294d ago

lol love how every1 here is to jump the gun how U2 isnt original.
Even though for most game that never matters. I wonder why they keep pointing it out for U2 as if they have something to prove? Gotta love the media.

deadreckoning6663294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"It IS original
In the way it delivers everything, just like God of War *is* original, not because it was the first greek mythology game (it was not) but because of the way they deliver."

What? I thk I know what ur trying to say but I don't understand ur wording. BTW: I thk Uncharted 2 IS original due to its platforming elements being fully integrated into MP.

All in all, originality is SUBJECTIVE. Lots of people call Halo "generic". Yet, it was the first console FPS to have a save and replay feature,a complex map editor(forge), and the best stat online tracking system out there. Many say Modern Warfare is "generic" yet, the perk system and killstreaks is revolutionary for shooters IMO.

Maddens Raiders3294d ago

We need more of these kind of games.

dreamcast3294d ago

"Yet, it was the first console FPS to have a save and replay feature,a complex map editor(forge)"

Farcry had a map editor, just fyi

Unicron3294d ago

Timesplitters PS2 had a map editor...

SupaPlaya3294d ago

"Even though for most game that never matters."

You forgot, it also doesn't redefine the genre.

Cenobia3294d ago

I don't think that is true. Timesplitters had a map editor and I'm pretty sure there were other games with editors before that. As for save and replay (I assume you mean recording a replay and saving it), I'm not sure that is accurate either. That didn't come out until Halo 2 or 3 right? There were other games with replay features (like Driv3r, which would actually possess your replays on occasion and play out its own scenario). It may have been the first FPS with it, but that's not really 'original.'

Not trying to say anything bad about Halo, but I think credit should be given where its due. Halo had original weapons and great multiplayer, but I wouldn't say it's entirely original. It takes the best parts from a lot of other games and makes an even better game. The same thing goes for Uncharted. It borrows from movies and games in the genre and makes something even better (haven't played U2 yet though).

kws10653294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Sailing a ship has been done many times but sailing to an uncharted water requires a lot of skills and adventures. Does anybody know the story of Columbus who is told by others "Only Sailing West, nothing new" (OMG today is the day haha).

Just like the title UNCHARTED.

SnuggleBandit3294d ago

original story. original animations. original graphics. original art style. original cinema mode. original platforming. What else can people complain about? Footprints in the snow? Oh wait...

thesummerofgeorge3294d ago

It's everything within the game that makes it original or unoriginal. What other game does the media judged this way, and specifically point out the one flaw they can come up with in an otherwise stellar (to say the least) game? Even a wildly original game like LBP has Familiar plots and themes if you break it down to the core, but that's just the skeleton of the game, the meat of it is the way all the elements come together to form an experience. They act like they're reviewing a movie... At very least, it's original BECAUSE it plays like a seamless interactive action flick. They can't say it's unoriginal because it's like *insert action movie title here* because it's a game, you can't judge a game based on how good a movie it is, or how original a movie it is, because it's not a fvckin movie!

morganfell3294d ago

Let's add up the "Uncharted isn't original" articles and stack them against the "HALO ODST isn't original articles."

Not even close in the number of attacks.

"...when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Admit it or not the heavy bias in the press against Sony and the PS3 is showing...again.

Lifendz3294d ago

nothing is original. I'd say it's original and may even establish sort of a new level of quality in game cinema. Seriously, the story in this game, the acting, the cinematography, effects, sound, etc are better than a good number of movies I've seen.

The critics have spoken. PS3 owners must now do the same.

Feral Gamer3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

But I thought everyone hates metacritic? Personally, I've always put faith in Metacritic scores. Suddenly a PS3 game averages a good score and Metacritic is a reputable site? Talk about double standards. Every time the competition's game averages higher, Metacritic is put into focus as a biased website which only shows scores from select sources...

uie4rhig3294d ago

we seen too many *insert good PS3 title* bashing articles!

HammockGames3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

So essentially the translation is that no game, no movie, no music, etc, can be considered original if it draws any inspiration from anything else?


I would love to hear the author's suggestions on exactly what they would tweak to make it original. Add space marines (I hear that's never been done before)? Or Care Bears with bazookas that shoot demon manure?

himdeel3294d ago

..."lack of originality". Next lack up "lack of sexual organs". Followed by my PS3 gave me an "STD".

cyberwaffles3294d ago

the game has to be somewhat original to stand above the rest. i can't think of any other platforming TPS out in the market either.

whatever the case is, there better be some strict standards and criteria when reviewing games for now on if games like killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are going to be knocked around for lacking "originality," despite having it.

i better see some criticism for modern warfare 2 because that game really isn't that all different from MW. the reason everyone praise MW is because of it's execution of playability; not because of originality. should be the same issue with uncharted 2.

thesummerofgeorge3294d ago

Nobody has a problem with meta, you made that up. People have a problem with reviewers being unfairly harsh on a game that is a milestone for the industry as a whole, people have a problem with the allegation that it's unoriginal, people have a problem with the many games before it that were nowhere near the caliber of U2 that got a pass on the same things they bash this game for. Meta critic in theory, just adds up the scores to make an average, nobody has a problem with that, hence making your point moot.

badz1493294d ago

not from me though!

PS3 has a lot of outstanding exclusives but to have the "media bashing" and "media nitpicking" exclusive for it too is somewhat...I don't know, FTW? No? these kind of nitpick is becoming pathetic by the days and became too obvious with Uncharted 2! why suddenly question about originality when they didn't and won't do it for other games? and then footprints in snow anyone? that's ridiculous, it's pathetic!

FACTUAL evidence3294d ago

ooh, but gears was original? riiiiiiight.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3294d ago

U2 is getting great scores across the board and it's funny how there haven't been any 360 fanboys commenting in the U2 review articles :)

This is probably why:

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski3294d ago

@ FACTUAL evidence

My game is completely original unlike this poop you call uncharted that is a Gears wanna-be.

@ Xbox avatars shoe

F-you. That GIF was fvckin lame. Say bye bye to those bubbles

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Stationfan3294d ago

Oh its not original can someone recomend me a third person game, whose online multiplayer has platforming elements along with its tps roots. Id love to play this overcrowded genre /s

WildArmed3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

but but buttt gametrailers says its not original! So it must not be o_o

(for the record i think GT gave U2 a fair score.. its just the defense he provided in the podcast that im poking fun at =p He started screaming : DONT STONE ME TO DEATH.. I BLAME THE GAME FOR NOT BEING ORIGNAL)

v1c1ous3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )



well you ASKED.

*in b4 500 disagrees*

jmare3294d ago

Tomb raider has online multiplayer?

bjornbear3294d ago

But lara is far hotter than drake...imo ~_~

SupaPlaya3294d ago

lol I would hope so if you are a male...

Second thought, nvm.

Gamer713294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

....but of course, Sony fanboys didn't play that, because they were too busy dissing the game because it came to 360 1 year earlier.

Red Faction Guerrilla does as well, but hardly ANYONE plays THAT. :/

beardpapa3294d ago

^ Lost planet doesn't even really have the normal platforming elements. It was fun, but it played like another typical TPS. UC2 multiplayer on the other hand, feels like a third person platformer with guns.

frnkyl3294d ago

But can you get Lara's shirt wet? XD

3294d ago
jmare3294d ago

Maybe you should stop being a troll and learn reading comprehension. Red Faction: Guerrilla does not have platforming elements in the multiplayer. It has jetpacks. Jetpacks != platforming. I can't say for lost planet because I never played it, but from what I've seen of it, there were no platforming elements anywhere in that game.

randomwiz3294d ago

"But, Sony fanboys ALWAYS put on the blinders, to defend a PS3 exclusive. "

LP is years ahead of Uncharted /sarcasm

Not being original is not a bad thing. Someone does something revolutionary, and people follow, the only difference here is that uncharted follows doing either equal to or better than the developer who did it first.

Cenobia3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Suck on that!


I think your definition of 'platformer' is a little mixed up. Ladders don't make games platformers and neither do grapple guns. They give the players ways to get to high ground, but that doesn't make them a platformer, per se. Traversing complicated terrain that requires jumping, grabbing, climbing, etc. makes a game a platformer.

Knghtz3294d ago

but those are all things that have been done in some fashion I'd say.

From what I've seen this game seems like an amalgamation of many elements executed correctly. I personally don't see much innovation/originality in this game, however originality is not the core of which a game is judged. I don't know for sure though I haven't played it. How the people here are saying it IS original without playing it is beyond me.

Anyway, looks like a great game. Wish I had a PS3. Someone send me one, quick!

WildArmed3294d ago

but is she hotter then Elena and Chloe? o_o
I dont think so mister =p

btw only Tomb Raider is in the same genre as Uncharted.
If you believe Lost Planet and Red Faction are in the same genre, then you clearly havent played LP/Red Faction or Uncharted/Tomb raider.
coz a grapple hook doesnt make the game a platformer... otherwise Just Cause, and Mercs 2 would be too.

Red Faction is a sand box.. dont confuse yourself.

solidjun53294d ago

or Gam71 (that's his other account). He's not really a gamer but a troll trying beating his chest.

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JonnyBigBoss3294d ago

What about online platforming? Did another game have such platforming elements in multi-player?

bjornbear3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Gears of War!!!...oh no wait..

You're right =)

EDIT_ @below

No but no one expected more than a DLC for ODST...and it got high grades because it was "different" compared to OTHER HALOS...

And here is where my problem with Halo is born:

They always compare Halo other Halo games.

Uncharted, well, its being compared from Gear to Crysis! =P come on! And its STILL holding up =)

Anorexorcist3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

But you have to always keep this in mind; As long as its a PS3 exclusive, Hair-splitting and cherry-picking on the merits of the game will always be the rule, rather than the exception for a certain segment of the gaming media.

This actually places the PS3 on higher ground than the Xbox 360 and the Wii, don't you think? Because articles like this almost go to show how titles for the PS3 are judged on a whole higher level compared to the software of the other platforms. Or it could be just pathetic attempts for hits, either way!

SupaPlaya3294d ago

being a space marine is exceptionally original.

Gamer713294d ago (Edited 3294d ago ) I mentioned above, LOST PLANET and RF:G do.

And, to be fair...even that REALLY SHlTTY 'Damnation' game had online platforming.

So yeah...this review was 100% correct in his statement...but Sony fanboys don't want ANYTHING negative written about their exclusives.

Anorexorcist3294d ago

Also to Halo's Defense: Pawning off an expansion pack for $60 had never been done before.

Knghtz3294d ago

It's hard to find something truly original if you are splitting hairs and trying to come up with names like "Online platforming".

It will undoubtedly be an amazing game, I don't think we need to go searching for original concepts here to make a basis for it.

WildArmed3294d ago

Clearly everyone here is a Fanboy but you.. i mean that would explain your oh-so unbiased comment history and the number of bubbles you have -.-

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bjornbear3294d ago

"Its SO damn CAN'T be original...if it were original it would be GOD!!!"

Thats what i hear =P

Its interesting how lack of originality resonates from the echoes of praises...

Thoreau3294d ago

the 360 does not get this silly azz articles...