Meristation Forza 3 Review

Meristation: Nowadays, Forza 3 is the best driving simulator for consoles. Its great visuals, the incredible physics engine, and the huge array of online and offline game modes, create a must-have game for lovers of racing games. Right now, it's the king of the road.

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XDF3293d ago

At this rate.....Sony Fanboys will probably need to create new Blog reviews to drop the FOrza 3 N4G avg. down. LOL

dragonelite3293d ago

lol just like with odst. What would they do if halo:Reach seems to have
1)better graphics
2)Solid gameplay
3)Its halo

then uncharted 2
WE will see blog reviews sprouting out of the ground like mushrooms.

Major_Tom3293d ago

92 on metacritic, doesn't look like the sony fanboys need to do anything.

tripewire3293d ago

Reach is not going to have better graphics than uncharted 2. Simple reason being that the 360 still hasnt matched the graphics of Uncharted 1. Just like it hasnt matched the graphics of Killzone 2, it hasnt matched the graphics of GT5:P (argue the point all you want, Forza is closer to shift than GT as far as graphics go) it hasnt matched the graphics of inFamous, it hasnt matched the graphics of Little Big Planet, it hasnt matched the graphics of R&C.

Thought the PS3 was meant to be hard to develop for.... Didnt I hear that here somewhere?

I'm actually starting to think that the review system is broken. When you get games that look like this, given 9-10 for graphics, then you sit them next to their PS3 exclusive counterparts, games that get the same score, the difference is night and day.

Graphically the PS3 is in a league of its own. That doesnt make all the games good, but come on. the 360 does not have a magic code that makes its graphics 10 times better. accept it.

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