8.3 Review: PSPgo, Worth The Extra Cost

What the PSPgo offers, above everything, is portability. The smaller and lighter design of the PSPgo makes it very easy to carry around in your pocket, and is definitely worth the extra cost.

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MaximusPrime3294d ago

I got pspgo. Expensive it may be, its good for people who travel alot and need something light to carry. Recommended.

gaffyh3294d ago

I agree, but if it was just a little cheaper Sony would get a lot more sale. I'm guessing they will cut the price after Christmas.

lalalala3294d ago

It seems like they will definitely do that, it will be interesting to see how many units the PSPgo shifts over Christmas (especially in Japan).

ThanatosDMC3294d ago

Well, yeah it's worth it. The 16gb pro duo is like $79.99 at retail stores. So it's basically buying a normal PSP with a 16gb.

Also, has anyone tried to put AVI file in their PSP Go's what format and what resolution works? I hope it auto adjusts itself.

SupaPlaya3294d ago

this would be great to bring on a flight (think 6 hour flight, then another 13).

Milky Joe3294d ago

Agreed. I am currently looking at my sexy white PSPgo, with my 4 free games downloading and I'm definitely thinking it's worth the extra cost.

ThanatosDMC3294d ago

Oh yeah, that's another thing. Which one is better black or white?

Agree for black
Disagree for white

gaffyh3294d ago

@1.6 - I'd say if you have a black psp, get a white pspgo, just to have something different.

Feral Gamer3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Too bad the batteries won't last nearly that long........

After further research online, I've discovered that the PSPGo batteries last about as long as the PSP 3000.

I wasn't trying to start an argument, just going by what I've read. My apologies

Milky Joe3294d ago

I went for white to avoid the smudging issues so that's my recommendation.

darthv723294d ago

I did a comparison between my 1000 and my sons 2000 and the go. The go is a really nice unit but at this point it isnt worth the upgrade cost. I do like the bluetooth and built in 16gb of storage. I am a bit surprised they did not up the memory to 128mb in the go like they did in the 2000 with 64mb. Although having 64mb is better than the original 32mb in the 1000 but I have not run across a game yet that I cant play on the original.

I know the go's selling point is that it is smaller and all digital. I didnt realize just how smaller it was till it was in my hands. I think I prefer the bigger screen of the 1000/2000/3000. Any older psp can be made into all digital as well. All games on the psn store for the go are also dl for the other psp's. Unless sony made specific go games that wont work on other psp????

the go is a convenience. People know the phrase about convenience. I will get one eventually but for now I can do the main goal the go offers on my old school 1000..."Play games".

Fade_Walker3294d ago

I do want to get one, but I’m going to have to wait for a bit longer.

gaffyh3294d ago

For the price, they should have added an OLED screen, then they could make it even smaller

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shadowfox3294d ago

I just hope the release a cheaper version. If it was $50 less, I would already own it.

gaffyh3294d ago

What happened to that rumour a while ago about an 8GB PSPgo? That would have been a decent idea imo.

Handhelds_FTW3294d ago

Its only been less than two weeks since the Go launch.

gaffyh3294d ago

It would have made more sense if they launched both at the same time. Unless, actually they want to make as much money from the higher priced system first and then release a cheaper unit.

iceman063294d ago

The problem with releasing a $199 PSPgo is that it will collide with they PSP-3000 (which I assume they are trying to sell off to make room for a new SKU). Sony is VERY aware of the price point that they put on the GO. So, they priced it higher than the 3000 (to help move 3000 units when people comparison shop) and they will keep an eye on PSPgo sales to see if the early adopters can carry the market or will they need to shift gears. I ultimately believe that the GO is a test market for the eventual PSP2. They will judge how digital downloading goes and also how to penetrate the handheld market using multiple SKU's. I expect when the PSP2 comes out it will have a higher end SKU and a more budget conscious SKU (kinda like PS3 did).

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samoon3294d ago

I used to own a PSP-1000 but traded it to a friend for $.. Would be nice to get a PSP considering the awesome games coming up, especially interested in GTA chinatown wars and MGS peace walker.