New Bioshock Artworks

Taking full advantage of both Microsoft platforms, BioShock takes place among the ruins of an underwater utopia. After your plane crashes into icy, uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea. Constructed as an ideal society for a hand-picked group of scientists, artists and industrialists, Rapture collapsed under the weight of its own idealism. Now the city is littered with corpses, wildly powerful guardians roam the corridors, mutated little girls scavenge the dead, and genetically modified citizens ambush you at every turn.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4584d ago

This game looks like another shooter to me can u guys plz explain wat makes this game so good...Well maybe because im really not big on FPs...with the exception of halo and probaly KZ2(hey its gonna be good)I like socom ,graw,and Geow type games....

BrotherSic4584d ago

easist way to explain the excitement for this game is for you to check out the 'hunting the big daddy' video.

This game will, in my opinion, change First person shooters forever