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These special little touches, combined with the varied gameplay mechanics, improved AI and gorgeous graphics all come together to make Uncharted 2 an unmissable single-player game. Throw in the multiplayer features and you've got a game that'll keep you coming back for months.

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mrv3214230d ago

Uncharted 2 the highest rated game of this generation.

No even Microsoft will deny it's awsome.

How I'd love to work for Naughty Dog right now... with a nice break some great reviews and then starting another awsome game project.

swiftshot934230d ago

Grand Theft Auto 4 has a 98 average at metacritic.

leeger4230d ago

yeah, GTAIV has a 98 average in Metacritic, which imo, and i know a lot of people will agree whether PS3/360 fanboys, doesn't deserve a score that high, GTAIV is the most overrated game OF ALL TIME.

Raptor4230d ago

I agree, Grand Theft Auto is fun.. but in terms of quality it is extremely overrated.

It is the only game on my PS3 that has graphic artifacting. It is also my worst looking PS3 game. :P

Plus the online is completely screwed up, the ranks reset for no apparent reason and the game crashes all the time.

bigjclassic4230d ago

Highest multiplat: GTA4
Highest rated console exclusive: Super Mario Galaxy

on both metacritic and gamerankings.
Sorry 2 burst your bubble.

But i know this is going to be fun to play, Uncharted 1 was so well done.

WMW4230d ago

sorry to burst your bubble it is tied for the #1 spot
UC2 97 metacritics
smg 97 metacritics

deadreckoning6664230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

"yeah, GTAIV has a 98 average in Metacritic, which imo, and i know a lot of people will agree whether PS3/360 fanboys, doesn't deserve a score that high, GTAIV is the most overrated game OF ALL TIME."

Whether it deserves it or not, its there. BTW: Who cares if U2 beats it or not? U need a game to trample another in review scores to decide if u wanna buy it or not? What?

Metacritic is for:

1. Fanboys

2. People who are noobs in gaming and don't know wats good and wats not and need the opinion of someone else in numerical form to justify a purchase.

Maddens Raiders4230d ago

Go buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (only available on the PS3)

Lifendz4230d ago

and anyone that does it nuts. If 360 fanboys want to deflate the success and rave reviews that game has gotten because some other game has a higher meta average than whatever, it's a shame they're going to miss out on this game.

mrv3214230d ago

I used this sites Aggregator, I didn't check the Wii section.

I was allways brought up to think more data usually means better average. So N4G wins, plus the scores seem to be closer to a middle point when compared to Metacritic.

I didn't check Wii games, but now I have Uncharted 2 has the highest average score of any game released this generation.

On a personaly not I believe GTA IV is a good game, it's certainly built well and it's a fun game but not a 10/10 as so many reviewers claimed.

hakeem09964230d ago

All PRO SONY websites needs to take notes.

JonnyBigBoss4230d ago

GTA4 was a 9.0/10 at best. Uncharted 2 actually deserves its score.

bjornbear4230d ago

I use metacritic in one way only:


To me if its Green, its good

yellow its ok

red stay away from it

Number in metacritic...not reliable ever

table4230d ago

Am I the only person who thought GTA4 was awesome? Of course it is probably a little overrated but I think that it derserved alot of those 10/10s. I liked the game more than San Andreas... *ducks for cover*

Sarcasm4229d ago

The difference between Uncharted 2's 10/10s and GTA IV's 10/10s, is that Uncharted 2 deserves them.

badz1494229d ago

now they have problems to rate a lot of games because of that! GTAIV was nothing special except for it being a huge and quite detailed open world! for a sandbox game, inFAMOUS IMO beats it by miles with awesome environment and more variety of missions unlike GTAIV's "go there, kill him!" and "go there, win the race!" type of missions! more important is the FUN factor which the latter really excels in!

Uncharted 2 is different! it best Uncharted 1 which is still regarded among the best graphic and art-style on consoles and is doing much more! it deserves all the praise!

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ArchangelMike4230d ago

Uncharted 2 is basically the Highest rated exclusive game on next gen platforms. Beating all of the xbox360 exclusives - including Gears of War 1 and 2, Halo 1, 2 3 etc etc. ( The only other next-gen game to compete is Mario Galaxy on the Wii (97)- but we all know the wii is not in the same league)

koga_hiroyuki4230d ago

Super Mario Galaxy is awesome! Regardless of console. It will take a seriously incredible game to beat it.

And I think Uncharted 2 will be that seriously incredible game!

militant074230d ago

i disagree, my favorite genre by far is JRPG, so LOST ODYSSEY will top uncharted 2 or GeOW2 ( I dont like to comapre JRPG to other games though )

thegood334230d ago

I actually think the first Gears of War should be rated higher. When that game came out it just destroyed every other game out there. I still think it's better then Gears 2.

user94220774230d ago

I can't wait to play this on Friday (Europe) Yes I know :(

marcindpol4230d ago

lol was expecting 7/10...

Arnon4230d ago

Do people actually think that Microsoft and Sony hate each other or something?

table4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

It's just what ps3 gamers have come to expect from major american media outlets and their pro 360 bias(Forbes,CNET for example). With this being microsoft it is only natural to expect the worst.

Sarcasm4229d ago

"Do people actually think that Microsoft and Sony hate each other or something? "

Of course not.

Sony doesn't hate Microsoft, Microsoft hates Sony.

fooflex4230d ago

First I off I've been playing the game, and its insanely good, just amazing.

Second, yes if MSN Microsoft's own site can give Sony's biggest holiday exclusive a perfect score, can we please stop accusing MS of paying off reviewers to give Sony exclusives low scores. They ripped GameTrailers apart for it getting a 9.3, saying they took a bribe from MS, that's absurd. And I hope this proves it!

N2NOther4230d ago

Dude, rational thought and objectivity need not apply.

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