Devs Gather Support for an Unannounced Console

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Will it be Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? Or could a new console be in the works from another corporation looking to fight for consumers hard earned money in the console wars? One thing is for sure, we've found evidence of a developer scouting for talent to work on an "unannounced console platform"…

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Kain813293d ago

maybe Dreamcast portable

doctorstrange3293d ago

with the ibox or something, thats what Jack Tretton said was most likely

QSPR3293d ago

a new console!!! right now i'm too busy with all the newest games out and coming soon,i don't wanna spend more money now in another console.... you know I get operation flash point,uncharted 2 (paid) modern warfare 2 (paid) mag (paid) bad company 2 (paid) demon's soul, forza (paid) splinter cell conviction (paid) GT5 (paid)etc etc etc etc... please don't do that i'm broke right now

will113293d ago

Have you ever thought of video games as a war to be the best? Well, right now there is a war going on between the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and the Microsoft Xbox 360 (360). The PS3 has several capabilities that the 360 does not. The PS3 also has a better price point and it may have better games in the near future.
First off, the PS3 has capabilities that override the 360. For example, the PS3 has a main menu that you can use to store several different media such as music, pictures, and videos. The PS3 has the ability to put your own music from an Ipod on it so you do not need to buy a stereo system to listen to music. The 360 does have that option, but it is very limited. The PS3 can transfer any movie from any USB flash drive. The 360 does not allow you to do this without a live connection. Also, the PS3 allows you to transfer all of your pictures on the PS3 directly from the universal memory card reader, flash drive, or over the internet. In comparison the 360 does not have a universal memory card reader or an internet browser. The PS3 also has built in Wi-Fi which allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly. Wi-FI is also known as wireless internet. The 360 does have this option, but you must buy it on the side and it plugs in the Ethernet port. An Ethernet port is a port that you plug in an Ethernet cable allowing you to connect online with it. The PS3 comes with a 60 gigabyte (GB) built in hard drive, and it is also removable. You can install a 750 GB hard drive allowing you to have almost 101 hours of video or over 30,000 songs. The 360 only has a 20 GB hard drive and you cannot get any bigger than that. A hard disk drive (HDD) is a massive storage device that enables you to store media such as movies, pictures, games, music, and much more. It is what is most commonly used in all computers. You can copy your own videos right from your video camera or go on the PS3 web browser and download movies. The 360 requires you to buy movies from the Xbox live store and it costs around $50 for a complete movie. The PS3 has Blu-Ray, and Blu-Ray is a high definition (HD) movie player that lets you watch HD videos that are up to 1080p. This comes standard with the PS3. . If you want this feature for the 360 it requires you to buy an additional accessory which costs an outstanding $200! The PS3 also has motion sensing abilities. For example, if you are playing a flying game you can tilt the controller to the left and the plane will turn left. The PS3 has online play in almost all of its games and the online is free. The 360 has online for some of its games and the online play requires a yearly fee. That brings me to price points.
The PS3 has a high price point to begin with. It is $600 for the premium version. The 360’s premium version is only $400 dollars, but it requires several other accessories to even get close to comparing to the almighty PS3. The PS3 has several things that come free with the system and costs hundreds of dollars for the 360. The PS3 has HD videos, free online, and more options than the 360. Let’s do some math. The 360 costs $400. Add $200 for the HD and add $50 a year for online Xbox Live. Let’s say you pay for Xbox live for five years. That’s $250. Now let’s add. That is $900 which is $300 more than the PS3. Not to mention the PS3 has almost double the processing power and nearly triple the options than the 360 has to offer. So, even though the 360 looks cheaper than the PS3, the PS3 is actually cheaper then the 360. The 360 is more expensive and has less power but, it does not matter how much power there is; the game developers must use the power to make a better machine.
Lastly, the PS3 has fewer game selections right now. However, the PS3 gives game developers a chance to make the game a lot more detailed because the PS3 has so much power. The PS3’s processing speed is significantly faster than the 360. Most people think the PS3’s best game right now is Resistance Fall of Man; In this game a first person shooter saves Europe and Asia from being invaded by aliens. This game shows off just a little of the PS3’s processing speed, proving that the PS3 has a lot more capabilities. By comparison, the 360 has a popular game called Gears of War. It is a game that uses nearly all of the 360 power to play the game. The PS3 has the ability to have better games and more fun involvement in the games.
All in all, the PS3 can be the ultimate next generation system with the 360 just falling behind. The 360 is proven to be a previous generation system that does not have all the power or capabilities to even compare to the PS3. The PS3 has several capabilities the 360 does not have, a better price point, better games, and more involvement in the games in the near future making the PS3 a better overall game system.

Jamescagney3293d ago

will11, that's an impressive wall of text. I didn't read it, but it's impressive.

Motion3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

This whole comment seems a bit outdated. The 360 has online in more than just "some" games, and the ps3 pricepoint isn't anywhere near $600 now, as well as not having a weak game selection - just to point out a couple flaws in your argument. I'm thinking you copy and pasted this comment from over a year ago?

Maddens Raiders3293d ago

I haven't seen that much passion here in a long, long time. 0_o

3293d ago
Jamescagney3293d ago

There's no stopping will11 now, he's on a roll. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Static-X3293d ago

C + P job, Shame nobody will read it.

Knghtz3293d ago

My favorite part of your story was when you conquered most of Asia and still found time later to beat up hitler.

hassi943293d ago

Some of that was actually true (the stuff about the PS3 having more features etc.), I was starting to tout you as a fanboy that isn't too much of an idiot - but then;

"The PS3 has online play in almost all of its games"
"The 360 has online for some of its games"

Seriously, what the **** is with that!?!?

"The 360 only has a 20 GB hard drive and you cannot get any bigger than that."


"The 360 requires you to buy movies from the Xbox live store and it costs around $50 for a complete movie."


God you need to get out more, you wrote like 2 full essays of writing in this article - get a life or if you don't want that just go play some games on the PS3 (where apparently even when the features are exactly the same they're a little bit better on the PS3 haha)!

Persistantthug3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Mr. will11,

You really need to discover the lost art (lost art for you, apparently) of summarizing, condensing, and paragraph separation.


Since when is the PS3 $600 or an XBOX 360 $400 in 2009?

Raziel McGee3293d ago

wow someone needs to do some research but I will say it does provide the true gamers on this site entertainment. I rather enjoyed his little fit but kept thinking
to my self he really needs to get laid or just remove the sony teat from his mouth

decimalator3293d ago

Wow, who let the trolls out?

pixelsword3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

1. Microsoft seems to be digging-in with the 360/Natal composite, and if Natal uses the vibration vest, it could out-do the Wii in terms of virtual interaction; plus Japanese developers seem to be very keen on Natal, which could make a huge breech for Microsoft in Japan, since the Japanese seem to be into things like that. The biggest clue, perhaps, is when Microsoft released the HD requirement for the 360; because many, many game could be split-screen, which could be a problem rendering in HD for Natal for every game by every developer.

2. The PS3's Cell processor is ahead of the GPU and FPGA, so even if an all new next-gen console dropped in 2010 using current GPU and FPGA chipsets, it won't be able to currently outperform the Cell according to a programmer who programmed on all three chipsets:

so if the PS3 is rushed out of the door, it would be Sony's biggest blunder yet. The fact that they are investing in motion controls also seems to be suggesting that they are digging-in with the PS3.

3. The Wii made Nintendo a profit since day one, and has been doing so ever since, but the Wii is losing ground to the PS3. Nintendo is the only current console producer without "HD", so an HD Wii using the current Wii controller would be Nintendo's smartest move, especially since an HD Wii will be directly compatible with Sony's up and coming motion controller.

will113293d ago

Let me clear up some confusion. The essay at 1.4 was written by me in January 2007 when all that information was correct

dachiefsman3293d ago

@will: I am sorry to interrupt you, but Tolkien had the greatest wall of text ever.

UnSelf3293d ago

(whew) its a good thing Will11 knows what a forum/blog post is...

...he DOES know what a forum/blog is doesnt he?

chaosatom3293d ago

ROFL. The comments are so fun to read :)

frostypants3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

My money is on the PS4. Sure, the PS3 has a few years left in its lifecycle, but I don't doubt that the PS4 will be hitting the street in 2 or 3 years. Given the extreme scalability of the Cell and a desire to not force developers to learn yet another new architecture, and the decreasing associated manufacturing costs, I imagine Sony will simply take the existing PS3, drop in an additional Cell chip or two and a better GPU, plus some obligatory motion-control gimmick (meh), come up with a snazzy new cabinet, and call it a day. I imagine such a strategy would also make backwards compatibility a snap. It should also keep the initial offering price far below that of the release price of the PS3.

cyberwaffles3293d ago

didn't super secret mention a new psp coming around after the pspgo?

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Darkseider3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The only thing that makes sense would be the PSP2 since it is just about time for Sony to drop a new handheld. The Wii, DS Lite/DSi, XBox 360 and PS3, PSP 3000/PSP Go are gonna be around for quite a while yet. The only other thing I can think of is a MS produced handheld.

Sev3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Agreed, the PS3 is just getting started :)

That's proof!

@ Below, that is very possible.

decimalator3293d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if it was a Microsoft handheld. Maybe they're turning the Zune into a PSP-alike?

doctorstrange3293d ago

yeah, that is very possible

BYE3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I doubt it, the handheld market is saturated. There are three devices out right now, that's a lot for handhelds.

But then again, it's Microsoft. They like to jump into saturated markets.

decimalator3293d ago

More precisely, Microsoft likes to enter saturated markets by buying out all of the competition and then causing said market to stagnate and rot into a putrid pile of poo. And then when someone else tries to bring something fresh, they crank their FUD machine into high gear.

cliffbo3293d ago

whatever it is it will have an intel GPU/CPU.

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Sev3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

My personal opinion is that we don't need a new console yet. Not when there is games being made like this...

SuperM3292d ago

I'd agree it is to early with a new home console. But a new portable shouldnt be to far off. Im guessing they might be working on a launch game for the PSP2. I dont think it will launch before 2011 though which should be late enough for a massive upgrade from the original PSP.

They are most likely very early in production and sony would want to have alot of games ready at launch so i think its reasonable to say its 2 years off.

Kain813293d ago

cause i remember Iwata said that the Wii´s life cycle would be 3-4 years
so it makes more sense in my Opinion...

But it could be Apple too

decimalator3293d ago

An Apple console would be very interesting. Of course, there wouldn't be any games for it. ;-)

Knghtz3293d ago

Plus you would have to get controller adapters for your controller adapters to play local multiplayer.