ScrewAttack: Uncharted 2 Review


"This spoiler free review takes a look at one of the most anticipated titles for the Playstation 3. Uncharted 2. Many have already played the multiplayer demo, but does the full game warrant a purchase, or should you save your cash for something else?
What would you do? Buy it, Rent it, or F' it?"

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belal3293d ago

to a great game!

if people who are gamers dont buy this masterpiece, lol they cant be called gamers.

Beast_Master3293d ago

I thought Screw Attack only reviewed NES and SNES games?

sakura20093293d ago

great review this game have everything

Bodyboarder_VGamer3293d ago

Early levels don't have any problems! AI was stupid in the museum level because that was the tutorial for stealth moves... Instead of giving you lots of things to read they just put the stupid AI for you to practice and learn while doing it. Game Trailers made the same mistake calling the AI of U2 "moronic".

user94220773293d ago

"Buy it, rent it or F*k it?"

Buy it.

koga_hiroyuki3293d ago

Really cool, great review. From what I know Greg from ScrewAttack has been more fan of the 360 so far, so this is good news.