GameReactor's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Video Review

GameReactor's video review of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Sparv-en3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

It's funny how they say that the game is a masterpiece and then say that he wouldn't say that is a masterpiece. Don't see how that makes sense :/

EDIT: How is this old? I havn't seen it here before...

WildArmed3295d ago

I dont think its old, but the written reviews are online i beleive.
I was laughing my ass off when he says.. he gunplay is weak... and i dunt kno why *starts crying*
then he goes on to say... and not because I'm compaing it to GeOW.. i was like LMFAO. why did you bring that up in the first place

fredrikpedersen3295d ago

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GameReactor Video Review Uncharted 2
3 days 4 hours ago
By: fredrikpedersen | PlayStation 3 | Review
The Scandinavian sites brings us their video review

umair_s513295d ago

I don't know why you guys are so mad. Its just an opinion.

WildArmed3295d ago

not mad. I was just laughing my ass of at the reviewer's opinions.. they were all over the place.
Mid way: Due the presentation, its a master piece.
End: I wouldnt call it a master piece.
great :)

Syronicus3295d ago

And it is proof that even idiots have opinions too...

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bnaked3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

GameReactor is the fail site of the year!

PISSIO3295d ago

Fors sure...
Firt forza 3 7/10 LOL
now UNcharted 2 8/10


belal3295d ago

norway is BAD. Norway gave the game 9. and thats a pretty good score. the site dosent give 9.1 ect, just 9/10

psiom3295d ago

There are puzzle spoilers in that review. Not cool.

AXOi3295d ago

thanks for that! I'll keep away. GT review had one puzzle spoiler - i wont say what

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