First Wii game announced that comes with a bike

The first Wii game that actually comes with an exercise bike has been announced.

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Parapraxis3386d ago

This is getting a little out of hand.

karan86243386d ago

Its like

....or you could just buy an exercise bike and do it yourself. Its the same with wii sports and running. You jog on the spot, I could do that without a wii and just watch TV. Or better yet, go to the park and jog

Obelisk923386d ago

... this is a joke, right?

badz1493386d ago

"It also does everything!"

but LOL, that's gaming for ya! just imagine Reggie or Cammy actually presenting this on stage at E3! :)

Maddens Raiders3386d ago

defense of this nonsense from Sidar in 4, 3, 2, 1......

kratos1233386d ago

lol true sidar is the bigest nintendo fanboy ever bubbles fore you

SupaPlaya3386d ago

that sites like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig hasn't jumped on the Wii bandwagon yet.

Ride the Wii bike for 15 minutes you get 1 credit!

UnSelf3386d ago

oh look, now u can catch cancer also

too soon?

ChickeyCantor3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

You disappoint me, even you know this is hilarious to me.

O and i will "bigest" alright....sounds kinky, these words are big "fore" you!.

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Valay3386d ago

Surprised EA wasn't the first to do this with their focus on EA Sports Active.

Chubear3386d ago

oh don't you worry about that; it's coming, oh good lord it's coming :(

SupaPlaya3386d ago

we thought the MW2 night vision goggles were bad...

Ron_Burgundy3386d ago

Nintendo's gone crazy, just a reflection of there former selves

Seferoth753386d ago

Thanks for posting a perfect example of whats wrong today. People like you who know nothing and cant even grasp simple concepts. From the article kid. Get someone to read it for you since you obviously cant.

This Winter Bigben Interactive releases two Wii™ video games with innovative accessories to help you keep in shape: a full-size exercise bike and a personal trainer that includes advice on nutrition."

Nowhere does it say Nintendo is making this. I am sure whatever excuse you can come up with will also apply to Sony as PS2 had tons of crap on it as well. So please reply back with whatever nonsense you can come up with. Should be worth as big of a laugh as your first post was.

Saddest part is, people actually are dumb enough to agree with you.

SupaPlaya3386d ago

I thought the drum and guitars sets are bad...

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The story is too old to be commented.