NHL 2K10 Review

Analoghype's Michael A. reviewed NHL2k10. "Hockey is one of those sports I prefer to play in real life rather than watch. It is a lot of fun. With that said, I still give hockey games a gander from time to time. I am a sports buff after all. In terms of hockey video games, I have to admit I have never gotten into one seriously like I do other sports games. With all the rules to follow and such, it never seemed like an experience I felt I could enjoy. Alas, many of my friends and our fans have been encouraging me to give the sport a chance in the gaming realm. I am an open minded person I decided to give NHL 2K10 a once over. Did I like what I found? Read on to find out."

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blackboyunltd3383d ago

Its going to take some time before 2ksports can catch up to EA on NHL