What's the deal with Microsoft Points?

"Microsoft Points are the fantasy currency that must be used on the Xbox Live Marketplace to buy things such as themes, games on demand, movies, and game add-ons. MS points have gotten a lot of negativity because many gamers feel Microsoft only uses them in an attempt to try to mask the prices of their content so that it feels like you aren't spending as much as you are and then they end up milking you for all you're worth.

MS points are actually a pretty neat system when you don't think about them in such a pessimistic way."

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jack who3481d ago

you can use your credit cards two btw

monkey6023481d ago

Be careful using them though. I've had a lot of hardship with MS over credit cards. I used my dad's once to get a 3 month Gold subscription and I've regretted it since. They wont stop billing the card. I've rang them numerous times asking them to stop and they wont. So I've had a broken xbox for 6 months and I'm still a Gold member. I guess I could do more to prevent them from billing me like going through the credit card company and blocking them or something.

Just be warry

jack who3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

thaats not true they only bill your card every year IF and only IF you tell them..i should know am going on my 6th year on live..and you can all call or go to the site and remove the credit card

monkey6023481d ago

I'm serious dude! Just click my user and scroll down, You'll see my Gold Gamer Card and my last played games are all releases from the beginning of the year. I dont know how else I could prove it to you. I'm sure I'm an unusual case all the same, but it's happening

jack who3481d ago

you can always call or go to the site and remove the credit dont need your 360

TheDeadMetalhead3480d ago

Prepaid cards are better. Less hassle in the long run imo.

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Alcon Caper3481d ago

They're like Paddy's Pub points. People will have to visit their local store to purchase them, thus increasing business.

Plus Charlie lives in a box...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

It's so dumb how most DLC costs 800 M$ Points ($10) but you can only buy 500 ($6.25), 1,000 ($12.50) or or higher so you're always stuck with points left over. M$ can't help but nickel-and-dime their loyal customers.

WildArmed3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

its pretty much a way to keep money in your account.

Also it helps across multiple currencies.
Say in Eu, you can pay w/ any currency, but the MS point cost will be consistent.

(even though your currency -> MS point conversion might be different lol)

W/e. Its working fine. I always have a few points left over.. but thats ok.

'One thing that should probably be fixed about them is that they can only be purchased in specific intervals. The lowest amount you can buy is 500 Microsoft Points and when you are only 50 or 100 points short of something you want to buy, having to purchase 500 more just to cover that difference seems like a waste. They should have a more customized option of choosing how many you can purchase such as 100 point intervals. Sure Microsoft should also probably put a monetary translation on their content to show just how much you are spending on something, but with the thousands upon thousands of pieces of content in the marketplace that would just be too much work for a feature they probably don't want anyway.' (from article)
Pretty much the only real gripe i have against the MS point system atm.

TheDeadMetalhead3480d ago

Really? Where I live the MS Point cards are all in 400 point ($5) increments, so I can get a 1600 point card for $20 and get, say, Duke Nukem 3D (800), Doom (400) and Geometry Wars (400).

Anyway, what I never understood about MS Points is why $5 = 400 MS Points. That can get kind of confusing. With Wii Points, $5 = 500 points, and with PS3 it just tells you how much money you have. It just seems like an odd conversion to me. @[email protected]

JOLLY13481d ago

What's...the deal...with Microsoft points?

Bzone243481d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I read the title.

Gamer713481d ago

...for 3 YEARS AGO. :o

monkey6023481d ago

It's hard to really tell if the points system is a bad idea or not.

On the down side they do seem to hide exactly what you are paying. Like the article says you also can't buy a small amount of points.

The up side is that everyone seems to be paying the same throughout all regions and Most things release on the Marketplace across all regions at the same time because there is no localisation needed on currencies.

dangert123481d ago

In Points Yes
But Not for the points

I'm Really Hesitent Over These content
The Only Dlc I Have Is Free Or Comes with game of the year editions
because i don't know how much im spendging and the price for the points in the uk has gone up
so you can get the same old stuff for more money :S

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