Sega determined to "crack core gaming"

TVGB: "They've said it before and they're saying it again; Sega wants to find the Wii's core gamer market."

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Xander-RKoS3295d ago

If Sega wants to break into the mature Wii owner group, it needs to something that the other consoles can't. Madworld was fun and artistic and all, but ultimately, it wasn't anything super special. House of the Dead Overkill was the same. The Conduit was a good start, with a FPS that really did things only the Wii could do like having weapons change based on how the player the twisted the wii remote and stuff like that, and I think a bigger Conduit for a sequel would be excellent. But ultimately, Sega needs to break the mold with their next publishing venture and look for a developer who really has some new great ideas.

EvilTwin3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

MadWorld was a niche game -- a six-hour long, black & white, ultra-violent, old-school brawler. And it sold niche numbers. But apparently good enough:

"One clearly mature title, the Platinum Games-developed MadWorld, Clark says, sold well enough to put Sega in a place where they’re 'prepared to invest in high quality, new IP.'"

Before they said HotD and Conduit turned a profit, and it appears MadWorld is reaching that status, too. If anything, you'd think this would prove to Sega that Wii games have legs; you aren't going to get COD4 first-day numbers, but given enough time, these games turn a profit. Same thing happened with No More Heroes for Ubi.

Conduit made a new standard for Wii FPS control schemes. THAT is the type of thing to build on, IMO.

But games like MadWorld or HotD aren't going to sell like Halo. They serve a more narrow audience. If Sega wants to "crack" core gaming by getting a huge seller like that, they're going to have to find a game franchise that isn't so limited in its scope.

Product3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Maybe Sega should stop trying to impress core gamers with looks (Remember how the Conduit was hyped as the best looking Wii game to date? Or how bad ass Madworld looked in black and white with blood as the only color?) and start trying to impress them with gameplay and content. I don't care about how much blood is on the screen or how awesome the particle effects are, is the gameplay there? Do I get into the game? How is the replayability? Does it get boring quick, could added content help this?
Sega needs to remember core doesn't always mean looks and might be why we all love the old Sonic to the new.

ozstar3295d ago

Both studios for House of the Dead and Madworld were tiny in comparison to the 200 + staff employed for Assassins Creed 2.

Do some research and you can see why MW profited. HOTD had a lot of marketing and perhaps that was one of the excessive costs involved. Of course RE5's launch a week earlier did not help matters.

I believe Sega can do it, i believe COD WAW, RE4, REUC, etc are NOT flukes but timed opportunities that piggy backed effectively off market factors at the time. It can be done again, hopefully The Grinder improves on the Conduit.

EvilTwin3295d ago

Product -- Right on.
Yes, MadWorld looked cool. But it was a shallow game. No More Heroes was a similar game, but it was at least twice as long and had a more nuanced fighting system. Surprise, surprise, it sold more. The Wii core audience, IMO, certainly wants a good-looking game...but having a control scheme that works is a bigger decider, and having more than 6 hours of gameplay is a must.

ozstar -- For some reason, people don't realize how cheap the Wii is to develop for. I mean, its graphics can be pushed (Prime 3, Galaxy) to look really nice, but it's a supercharged version of last gen's hardware.
Developing for PS2/XBox/Gamecube-era technology is DIRT CHEAP compared to the high-def consoles (which require a lot more work for art direction). That's how you sell 300,000 copies and still turn a profit.

Plus, it's not like core games that rock always sell. Everyone remember Psychonauts? Ico?
Heck, Okami has been released on the two best-selling consoles for this gen and last, and I don't think it has moved more than half a million copies.

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Smacktard3295d ago

Perhaps they need truly epic games. Games with replayability, and a huge scope, and stuff. Not just short, arcade-style romps. The Conduit had potential to be a game like that, but it was so severely underpolished and lacking an art direction.

Odion3295d ago

I think I speak for the hardcore crowd when I say.

"We're over here!"

NotSoSilentBob3295d ago

They should release HOTD and Madworld for PS3 wand/ 360 Natal. With the new motion controls coming out no reason they can't turn a profit on the games. Hell I wanted to get Madworld but Im not gonna buy a wii for 1 game.

Voice_of_Reason3295d ago

Way more than one game on Wii worth owning. Maybe its best that you not buy one. Clearly you are not a gamer.

EvilTwin3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Buying a Wii for one game -- MadWorld -- would be foolish.

That's why you can buy a Wii for MadWorld, the Prime Trilogy, No More Heroes, Zelda, TW10, Galaxy, Pro Evo, Brawl, Dead Space: Extraction, PunchOut, HotD: Overkill, Paper Mario, World of Goo, Fire Emblem... later this year we'll get FF:CC and SH: Shattered Memories, while 2010 will bring NMH2, Red Steel 2, Other M, Galaxy 2, Sin & Punishment, etc. etc. etc.

The Wii isn't hurting for games, IMO.
It IS hurting in certain areas. It needs a killer third-person shooter (yes, RE4 rocked, but it was a port). It needs a pure FPS that takes Conduit's control customization/online and combines it with Corruption's art/graphics.
But hey, you can't have everything.

kunit22c3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Its seriously getting annoying with people saying that they should make some of these Wii games for the 360/natal, like seriously do you think AT ALL when you say this? I don't Mind you saying PS3/motion controller because that actually makes sense, but how could you possibly play ANY of those games with natal? come on now just use common sense and you'll see what I mean. I really shouldn't have to explain why they can't be played with natal.

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