Gaming Target: Gran Turismo Review

Gaming Target writes...

"For all the years of development and jokes about Gran Turismo PSP being vaporware, the finished product is just fine in the gameplay department, but lacking almost everywhere else. It's almost as if the game was shelved years ago, but Sony came to Polyphony Digital and asked them for some kind of GT game for the PSP Go release, and this is all they could assemble in such a short period of time. It's still a good game; the racing action is great, the track selection is top-notch, and it looks very nice, but it feels like a game out of the pre-Gran Turismo days when a career mode wasn't necessary for a game like this. As a companion to Gran Turismo 5, it has its uses in importing cars to that game, but aside from the die-hard fans who will play with every possible car and get to S rank in every single track, this one isn't going to have the longevity of the past games. Here's to hoping a real Gran Turismo game will hit PSP in the future that combines the great play with the depth necessary in 2009."

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