Video Game Addiction

DualShockers writes:

I often refer to playing video games, or a certain video game, to being like crack. If it is like crack then I'm a junkie. I'm opening a window to you so you can take a peak into the life of a video game addict. To some of you who are reading this, it may seem more like a mirror than a window. I want you to keep in mind during this short bio about about myself.

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taz80805164d ago

I can very much relate to this. I often miss calls or send people to vmail when I am playing games.

Maddens Raiders5164d ago

...I'm addicted to video games and use drugs while I play them.

taz80805164d ago

I think the addictive power of WoW is unmatched! they literally have a hold over their players!

iiprotocolii5164d ago

And that has a lot to do with Blizzard being able to supply fresh content when needed. They are smart folks and not to mention that there's always something to do in MMOs like WoW.

Model5164d ago

how can someone be addicted to such a sh!tty game ? i played it and was disgusted

BROOKLYN N-M-E5164d ago

Can relate. Too often I set aside the more important things just to get in "one more match".

BROOKLYN N-M-E5164d ago

Addicted to games, I'm addicted to pwning noobs!

iiprotocolii5164d ago

The majority of gamers are addicts. Dads, single dudes, kids, teens, whatever it is, gaming has become a very addicting habit. And it's been becoming so, and will continue to do so, as graphics improve making things feel and look realistic. Personally, I can say that, by definition as per that article, I'm a game addicts as are probably the majority of the gamers that visit N4G.

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