Top 10 Unfair Gaming Moments

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at the top 10 most unfair gaming moments.

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thorstein4269d ago

I beat TTFF 1st time. Raining Blood is still hard on Easy!!! Lulz.


DTClown4269d ago

the media's biased and unfair portrayal of Sony and their PS3 game system.

(or it could also be the amount of times one has to send their rrod' xbox 360 back to be fixed just to break again & again & again & again....)

duplissi4269d ago

grr i shouldnt have read that article... ive been playing fable 2 for the past few days, and there was a big spoiler in the article...... guess i should have known not to read that paragraph :(

WildArmed4268d ago

LMFAO I loved the no. 1.

Fable 2 and FFVII were ok, but yeah =/
I miss my pooch, screw the world all i need is my doggie ya know? lol

TheDeadMetalhead4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I hated Raining Blood in GHIII so much. I don't think a game has ever made me rage so much. It took me a month and at least 100 tries to complete it. ;_;

Also, why can nobody figure out the map in Friday the 13th? Left = clockwise, right = counter-clockwise. It's not rocket science, people. Now, Jason on the final day, THAT'S unfair. @[email protected]

Also, I have another good one. Bubble Bobble Revolution on DS at Level 30. You're supposed to fight a boss there, but due to a major bug in the game, he never ever appears. That means the game cannot be completed, and poor Bub and Bob are just stuck in limbo until you turn off the game. It's not like it's a rare occurrence or anything. The level 30 boss NEVER appears no matter how many times you try it.

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Ramin1234269d ago

Gears of War 2 multiplayer, one team has a great connection the other doesn't. There is never a fair fight in that damn game online. Pointless.....

Go Gaming Giant4269d ago

ye I definitely agree with that


I totally agree as well. why i stopped playing it, and even more annoying the other team is never willing to accept that fact either.

BX814269d ago

Crap you beat me to it!

TheHip144269d ago

some of the bosses in DMC4 are insanely hard

WildArmed4268d ago

Not really. Beaten the game on Hell and Hell mode.. the bosses are a one trick dog really..

gooneygugu4269d ago

I know most didn't play it all the way through, but the final boss in Conan for X360 and PS3 has to be one of the most unfair and cheap boss battles ever designed.

Komega4269d ago

Holy crap, I had completely forgot about Friday the 13th for the NES. That game was a special kind of torture.

TheHip144269d ago

haha a lot of the NES games were incredibly hard

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The story is too old to be commented.