HonestGamers: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Review

The king has been dethroned. Manipulated, betrayed, and forced out of his own castle. His military has been decimated; everyone has been either slaughtered or brainwashed into following the new regime. His few remaining supporters have gone into hiding. The common folk are falling prey to a disease spread by the invaders. And the worst part? All of the realm's heroes are gone…and it's the king's fault. He ate them. The princess and her servants, too. Swallowed them whole, and left them to rot in his stomach juices. Of all the things Bowser has done over the years, that has to be one of the sickest and most disturbing yet. With the Mario Bros. out of the way, he's the only one left that has any chance of saving the Mushroom Kingdom.

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