Strategy Informer: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Developer Naughty Dog wonderfully, and perhaps profoundly, reintroduces Nathan Drake: the lovable, cunning, unconventional and historically knowledgeable protagonist, by putting him in disarray, on a train edging off a cliff. Players are immediately thrown into a vast snow-driven environment where Drake is as confused as the player is. How did I get here? What happened? What's going on? And more importantly, what are the controls?"

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ceedubya94230d ago

WHY people are still submitting reviews for this game. Everyone here knows its a good game. I know I'm buying this game, I can't wait for it, but there is a such thing as "beating a dead horse."

Sadly, I know I'll probably get lots of disagrees for this. But who here really thinks we needed another review to show how great this game is?

solideagle14230d ago

yeah name is not good but score is it included in metacritic?? because there are alot of perfect scores meta has not added yet i dont know y??

thanks in advance

SupaPlaya4230d ago

but 9.5, which is a great score for any game, can actually hurt U2's average score lol...

I know noone should rely on this 'average', but it's funny nonetheless.

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ico924230d ago

Strategy Informer gave uncharted 2 a 9.5 just like all the other 30 websites not surprised what bothers me is that here in uk we have to wait until friday so the only thing these high scores is doing is making the wait unbearable

Dutch Boogie4230d ago

Yeah friday for us Aussies too. Man i can't wait to be apart of history.