IncGamers - Assassin's Creed 2 Preview

IncGamers' John Robertson takes Ezio, Altair's descendent, on a tour of Venice...

"AC2 puts you in charge of Ezio, an Italian guy who just so happens to look, act and move in almost exactly the same way as Altair from the original. We got to take charge of Ezio as he is tasked with performing the assassination of a fellow named Emilio at the request of Antonio, the head of a Venetian thieves guild. Precisely who Emilio and Antonio are, and how they fit into the bigger picture, is not information we were privy too, but it did allow us to concentrate on what we were there for - to assassinate some guy we've never seen or heard of."

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Leord3293d ago

Why make things complicated? :)

If you're an assassin, you really only need target likeness, description and details of obstacles.

Maticus3293d ago

This game has LOTS of potential, can't wait.

Fyzzu3293d ago

I have high hopes for this. The first was flawed, certainly, but it had glimmers of genius in there. If they've actually managed to pick up on the problems it had and fix them, this will be special.

AndyA3293d ago

Can't wait for this, looks like a real step up from the last game

Dorjan3293d ago

Doesn't seem like much really changed