New Ace Combat 6 Screens

Check out the 18 new screenshots of the Xbox 360 exclusive Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.

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ITR4587d ago

That looks nice.

Thinking about a refurb 360 again.

socalr64587d ago

I like the c ockpit view. I wonder if you can play the game that way or if your forced to 3rd person view most of the time?

What the hell, you can't post C ockpit?

tplarkin74587d ago

(The full word "c-pit" was blocked) They say you can play in c-pit view. The game looks amazing.

xfrgtr4587d ago

This is not a 360 exclusive but a timed eclusive

toughNAME4587d ago

microsoft cant take ALLL sony's exclusives....were jus throwing you guys a bone

uxo224587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

I'm sorry did you say we? How much ownership you have in the

JIN KAZAMA4587d ago

exclusive that is going to come to the PS3 is throwing MS a bone. Not the other way around. Also, in all honesty, you guys can HAVE ALL of our exclusives, because MS is too worried about stealing our old exclusives, while Sony is looking into the future for new exclusives, and innovative ideas. Take PS3Eye. Watch the sweet games comming out for that, and when MS sees that, tehy will try to copy what they see, on their crappy visionCamera, and say, oh, we are doing it too. Bunch of copycat losers. The visionCamera has been out for so long, and its sitting collecting dust, just waiting for Sony to show them how to use their camera for games.


uxo224587d ago

Gears of war is not an old sony exclusive, and all of the other PS3 exclusives(assassin's creed, Devil May Cry 4,etc.) that are now multi-platform; I wouldn't call old. As for Ace combat, you got me there and I an glad to have it, cause it looks great.

But as for me, it doesn't matter anyway, when those sweet PS3 exclusives like MGS4, Lair, etc come out. I'll switch to my PS3 and enjoy then also. Man, it is NICE having two consoles.

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