The Illusions We Make: Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, Gamasutra Interview

Gamasutra: "Randy Pitchford, president of Texas-based independent studio Gearbox Software, knows what he likes and what he does not. He describes the studio's latest game, Borderlands, the company's first new IP since 2005's Brothers in Arms, as the game he's "been wanting to make for 10 years."

Pitchford based the design around marrying his favorite elements from Diablo with the shooter gameplay the studio was founded on. Perhaps even more importantly, all elements that don't support the central pillars of the game have been cut. The goal, then, is to deliver a game that can appeal to multiple audiences in an inclusive way.

Here, Pitchford discusses the design decisions that led to the game, and takes aim at the decisions other games and other genres struggle with, and whether or not they function as intended. He delves deeply into the illusion of game making -- and how his prior career as a professional magician informs his attitude toward developing games."

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Evoluti0n3295d ago

has some of the funniest quotes towards the questions later on in the interview.

'If you reach the level cap, which I think now is 80, go into the Dead Mines, which is one of the lowest level instances in the world, and you can like pull the entire instance and just [makes killing noise], and you just feel like the biggest badass. And you look badass. You've got this incredible gear and sick weapons with sh1t glowing on them.'

ha ha ha 'makes killing noises' ...classic.

rdgneoz33295d ago

'And while you're watching this, they have a monster closet behind me open up, and one of those little dog guys jumps out and like just "Rrargh!" You jump and you turn around, like, "Oh sh!t! Oh sh!t!"'

Can't wait for this game to come out.

Syko3295d ago

The first Review is "Un-officially" in already. It is a scan from the upcoming OXM. They gave it an 8.5

Tony P3295d ago

Entertaining read.

"Fallout 3 starts from a role-playing side, and they start to layer shooting on top. The shooting is okay. If the shooting was better, would that gave have been worse? I don't think so. I think that game would have been better. I thought that that system was cool -- I liked the presentation of it -- but frankly I hated the dice rolls. Like, "Dude, I shot that guy in the head. I had a 90 percent chance, and you rolled a freaking 7? F*ck you. I score a hit. I f*cking shot that guy in the head. F*ck you," you know?"

As much as I liked Fallout 3, I definitely had those moments. Deus Ex too.

Evoluti0n3295d ago

this guy has some really valid points.

I've been stoked for this game ever since I read another article where one of the designers was talking about power leveling, in order to help friends out, or vice-versa.

dgroundwater3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Yeah he's an awesome guy.

"I used to be a professional magician. A magician can create wonder by creating a set of logic, and then proving that the logic is impossible and false. Now if I repeat the same trick over and over again, as long as it's still surprising, it's fine. I've got you. But as soon as you start understanding how the trick works, you get bored and you lose interest. So, I've got to create a new trick. I've got to hit you with new magic."

I would pay good money to see his magic show. He'd screw up a disappearing act and yell "F***!"

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XsteveJ3295d ago

Couldn't agree more with the comparisons to Fallout 3. I never finished Fallout 3. For me, the shooting mechanics just took all of the fun out of it.

And that is why I am so excited for Borderlands. A game with RPG-like elements in it, but built upon a solid shooter.

Sounds like a recipe for fun to me.

chak_3295d ago

days are not passing fast enough :(

dgroundwater3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Aw come on not long now!

chak_3295d ago

speak for yourself, European PC version is out on the 30th :(

18 days to go, meh