DualShockers Review: Gran Turismo PSP

DualShockers writes:

"It's been a long time since a new Gran Turismo game has been released, and I'm not counting the glorified demo that is Gran Turismo 5: Prologue either. Not since GT4 hit the PS2 in 2005 have we seen a full game in the franchise on a current system. Gran Turismo PSP breaks the long wait and gives us a very welcome addition to the racing genre that will likely satiate fans of Polyphony Digital's master franchise until the full-blown PS3 incarnation graces us with its presence. Is it worthy of the title, and does it work well in a portable format? Read on to find out..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3384d ago

I've read some rough reviews I still need to pick this up!

BROOKLYN N-M-E3384d ago

who needs a career mode anyways? lol

Chadness3384d ago

If you just start racing, the game is all good. But the lack of structure was a bit disconcerting for me. Still a great game overall though.

taz80803384d ago

Looks good, i was surprised to hear that it weighs in at over 1 gb of memory. I guess all that prettiness takes up space

iiprotocolii3384d ago

Even on a handheld Gran Turismo looks good. Speaks volumes of the development teams over at Polyphony Digital.

taz80803384d ago

I like Gran Turismo but it is a franchise that has always taken far tooo long to hit the market, it is always announced and dragged out.

Chadness3384d ago

Yeah, this is one failing to the franchise overall. I'm bored waiting for GT5 to get here and I might not even bother with it when it does just because it's taken so long and there are other great racers hitting in the mean time.

iiprotocolii3384d ago

Agree. I've been a follower of the GT series since the PS1 era. However, waiting for GT5 is feeling like a chore rather than something I should be excited about. The game looks good, but after seeing all these screenshots and gameplay, I'll probably be a bit jaded when playing it.

DigitalAnalog3384d ago

I've played a sample of Gran Turismo PSP on the PSP-3000 (Gran Turismo color edition with the GT logo) looks sweet and slick. I'm gonna get it this december!

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