Gameplay video of Virtua Tennis 3

Still from the Japan Expo, here is a gameplay video of Virtua Tennis 3 (X360 version), with two human opponents.

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Liverpool4ever5799d ago

please tell me it's an arcade game..?

DG5799d ago

It looks good. Better than the other tennis games.

TiTuS5798d ago

I don't see why it wont come out on ARCADE , and it looks very good via the PS3 Screenshots. hahaha

Moostache5798d ago

That was a single game and before I quit counting I saw the exact same dive animation performed no lessthan 9 times (in just 6 points!!!).

The motions do look very fluid, but the trade off seems to be some very, very, very repetitive gameplay. That is about the kiss of death in a sports game.

TiTuS5798d ago (Edited 5798d ago )

Why do they show ingame of this game on the Xbox 360, they are just going to spoil it for the genre's fans, if they want to really preview it then they should show a mov on the PS3 or PC, but not the X-Box 360, just another three hundred & sixty reasons why not to own a X-Box 360 *SHAME*

Evil5798d ago

Because it's not a movie