WarHawk Interview: Dylan Jobe

WarHawk has come a long way since last May, when Sony used it to demonstrate its only-then-announced Sixaxis controller for the PlayStation 3. What E3 attendees didn't see was the work that was going on behind the scenes, and the decisions that would radically change what they knew about the game.

While E3 was going on and players were coming to grips with using the Sixaxis to control the aircraft using only the tilt controls, Incognito and Sony were in a meeting room, discussing the fate of the game. It was here that the seed of the plan to make the game a download-only title was planted. Over the next few months, Jobe, producer of the game at Incognito, explains, the team decided that WarHawk would bypass retailers and go straight into the living rooms of gamers, making the game available only through the PlayStation Store.

Read on for a hands-on update and interview with Dylan Jobe.

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LSDARBY4801d ago

Good read, i'll definately be gettin this. Cant wait. So many games coing out this summer/fall

midgard2294801d ago

if its not instores then getting this game will be annoying, it took me over 3 hours to downloaded the demo of ninja gaiden sigma....imagine a full game. seriously, i dont care if its 60$ just send it to stores for the peeps like me who dont have T-1 connection

bobbybrown4801d ago

your connection must really be bad. It took me 30 min to download ninja gaiden on regular ADSL connection

sonarus4801d ago

am definetly downloading this game. I heard some demos are gonna be on the disk though. If there are any cool demos there that arent on the ps store then i just might consider getting the disk. I kinda like the idea of having games stored directly on my harddrive. Just purchased a 160Gb harddrive in anticipation of this. I like the way ps3 hard drive is interchangeable so you can buy which ever size suits you.

kamisama4801d ago

I did read that they were releasing the game for distribution in stores with a headset as well as the psn network for DL.

Kleptic4801d ago

Its PSN right now...Gauge when you download stuff...obviously it will be slow if you download it right after Thursdays update...I would usually get everything downloading on a Friday morning or something, while I went to class...and I downloaded Sigma, Virtua Tennis, and some videos in less than 1 hour and 15 minutes (thats how long the class was, everything was finished when I got back), and I have a regular cable ISP...but in either case, download speeds will probably get much better with server upgrades and expansions to the PSN...

I can't wait for this game though...Numerous other sources have claimed that it will be on BD too...but I have been wondering if it you do get it on BD, if it just installs onto your a pc game...which is how the download would work...

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