Eurogamer Germany: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Eurogamer writes: "It took ten hours, then the wild ride in the footsteps of Marco Polo was over. Ten hours, which struck me personally as a blink, because they were among the most fun I've ever spent with a video game. An adventure that had everything to what constitutes modern narrative in action movies and games."

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Kain813688d ago

not for us here in GERMANY we must wait a little bit longer
Official Release Date is 16.Oct

talltony3688d ago

I sure as hell am. Cant wait for this!

Dark_Vendetta3688d ago

@ Kain if you want to preorder it: worldofvideo has the collectors edition for 55€ (Neuanmeldungs, Vorkasse und ADAC Mitglied Rabatt, anonsten 59,99€). Guess that's quite a good price and you get it at the release date

Montrealien3688d ago

I am glad they did not knock anything off for the short single player campaign, replay and online options more then make up for it. I hope some people here will learn from this that even though the single player can be short as long as you have great replay value and solid online it is still a solid packadge. Halo 3, Killzone 2 and CoD 4 are also examples of short single player and amazing online andthose games where knocked for their short single player by many here.

Cwalat3688d ago

[email protected]

Guck an die Playstation Blog EU, Phil Lynch, der UK Software Product Manager sagt:


Hey Serr,

Germany’s release date is Wednesday the 14th October.



So, du kannst an die vierzehnte October Ucnharted 2 kaufen/nehmen =)

duplissi3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )


screw that, im getting it TONIGHT!! yep ill be buggin my local gamestop for it @ 10... cant wait 10 hours to go!

Cwalat3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )


To you and all others who got/gets it early...

*jealousy face*

Dark_Vendetta3688d ago

Damn you. If I wouldn't look for every €, I'd have it now too (or at least tomorrow). But as I preordered it I have to wait till the 16th.
@Cwalat: I called a few stores and they all said to me its the 16th.
Still hope I'll get surprised tomorrow by the postman

Syronicus3688d ago

It will be at my house tomaroow. I bought it from them just now and paid only 42 bucks for it brand new. This game is too epic not to buy it.

duplissi3688d ago

GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its as good as they say so far.........

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leeger3688d ago

eurogamer germany is not included in metacritic.

mrv3213688d ago

MetaCritics Uncharted 2 range goes from 9-10... average is 9.7

I think that's what I vall a great game.

SuperM3688d ago

every single eurogamer site has given uncharted 2 a 10 it seems. thats pretty amazing to say the least

Ravage273688d ago

any idea why Eurogamer UK and Germany are not counted into metacritic?
That doesn't make much sense....

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BigMassacre3688d ago

Such a great game. Should be finishing it a little later on.

Montrealien3688d ago

I agree, I am about 9 hours in and deep into chapter 24, I had to stop this morning and now I cant wait to get home and finish it.I cant wait for everyone else to get this amazing game so I can actually start finding some multiplayer action.

BigMassacre3688d ago

Just finished it a minute ago! Makes me want a sequel now...I didn't want it to end.

But, good thing I completely sucked finding treasures this time. Only found a good third of them. That, and beating it on the higher difficulties should keep me happy.

zaz123688d ago

finished it 2 hours ago.

FwanK3688d ago

ALL Eurogamers gave a perfect score \m/

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