Jordan Mechner and Eric Chahi interviewed by Eric Viennot

Jordan Mechner, creator of the legendary "Prince of Persia", and Eric Chahi, game designer of the ultra-classic "Another World", are interviewed together for the first time in history. The article was created by none other than Eric Viennot, the co-founder of the French studio Lexis Numérique and the creator of the cult hit "In Memoriam". Apart from a rare alignment of videogame stars, this interview also confirms that Chahi is developing a new and highly secret game project.

(French to English translation via Yahoo Babel Fish)

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FunkYellowMonkey3293d ago

Now bring Flashback in a new form and in HD plsss! :)

~funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)~

skwidd3292d ago

but I dont think Chahi worked on it. It is very similar though. Chahi worked on Heart of Darkness on PSX. Underrated game.

propheta3292d ago

Flashback was created by Paul Cuisset. It is a spiritual connection to Another World, but comes from different creators and has a completely different story. People just relate bem because they come from the same publisher (Delphine) and have similar visual styles.

The true sequel to Another World is SEGA CD's Heart of the Alien, whereas the sequel of Flashback is named Fade to Black.