Exclusive Q & A with Binary Tweed's Daniel Jones about Clover: A Curious Tale

El33tonline writes:

"Last week developer Binary Tweed announced that a new and improved version of platform-puzzle adventure Clover would be heading to the PC. This comes after Blitz Game Studios signed the new game, entitled Clover: A Curious Tale, to the Blitz Arcade's 1UP label, making Clover one of the first Xbox Live Indie Games to be signed up and ported to other platforms.

El33tonline caught up with Daniel 'Deejay' Jones, Managing Director of Binary Tweed, to learn a little more about the new enhanced version. We get more details about the new puzzles, sub-quest and the low down on how many multiple endings we can expect in A Curious Tale. Jones also discusses whether we can expect a sequel to Clover and reveals if his opinions of Xbox Live Indie Games have changed."

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