LEGO Rock Band Full Track List

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and MTV Games, today announced the full track list for the upcoming LEGO® Rock Band game, including songs from Queen, Bon Jovi, P!NK, Jimi Hendrix and Blur.

In addition, the game will support downloadable content from the massive Rock Band Music Store

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chadwarden3346d ago

Next: Lego Modern Warfare
Lego Madden
Lego Nba
Lego Need for speed...etc

kingme713346d ago

I still don't know who this game is going to appeal to. TT is doing another Lego Indiana Jones which to me was the least appealing of the bunch. LOTR, James Bond or maybe Harry Potter might be a good direction for TT to legoize, but Rock Band makes no sense and another Indie seems strange too.

Jamescagney3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

It might appeal to - and this is just a shot in the dark - kids? I don't know, that might be too much to imagine, kids playing games....

kingme713346d ago

Which kids? My kids like Lego games but have no interest in Blink 152 or even know who the Police are. Rock Band on its own can attract the target audience older than 10. If you want kids under 10, then these songs don't really appeal to them. If you want teens and maybe preteens, how is Lego going to attract them? It might even turn them off.

Jamescagney3346d ago

My kids play Rock Band and they are both under 10 years old, my youngest being 7. My 9 year old is better on the guitar than I am.

He can't beat me on the drums though.

sirbigam3346d ago

Lego is a straight up milk machine.

Mantiz3346d ago

The whole point of Lego RB is to make a rock band game centered around easier songs ad thus easier gameplay, they could have called it RB Casual just as easily but the lego moniker should help with marketing especially to kids who are to young to get into the more mature themed RB 1 & 2, also they had to put Jackson 5 I want you back in there so now I have to buy this as that is one of my favorite songs ever!

Toadmaster893346d ago

Some songs are going to be exportable, and DLC works, so this game doesn't really bug me as much as all the Guitar Heros that came out this year >_>

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