IncGamers - Wacky World Of Sports Review

Tamer Asfahani takes to the world of extreme sports with Sega's Wacky World of Sports.

"In total there are ten events, including the aforementioned five, are furniture racing, tuna tossing, cheese rolling, lawn mower racing, ice golf, mud sliding, fierljeppen, extreme ironing, log cutting and card boxing. From the events, the only ones that I would (and did) play again and again was mud sliding and cheese rolling. Both of these were fun enough to play by yourself, and it was compelling to see if you could beat your own high score."

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Fyzzu3292d ago

That sounds awful. Down with lazy minigame compilations, please: the Wii can do so much better.

Chazmers3292d ago

oh dear, the wii truly does have some awful games

Leord3292d ago

Hehe, not only good games on Wiii indeed :)

Redrudy3292d ago

Ouch. a lot of Wii titles seem to deserve scores in this region.

Maticus3292d ago

How could a game that features cheese get such a low score? :P

AndyA3292d ago

Will stick to Wii Sports Resort, I think.

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