El33tonline Hands-on Preview: Borderlands (PC)

El33tonline writes:

"The biggest surprise of rAge 2009 for me was Borderlands. DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, Uncharted 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Brutal Legend - those were on my radar and on my "hope to buy" list. But Borderlands, being a first-person game (not my favourite genre), an RPG with MMO leanings (definitely not my favourite genre), wasn't even on my map. 2K and Gearbox, please forgive me my ignorance - it's not easy to keep track of the hundreds of games that come out every year, and even more difficult to choose which ones to pay attention to.

Fortunately Megarom, 2K's South African distributor, had a four-player LAN set up to try the game out on, and I managed to get a go at it. If I had played singleplayer for a few minutes, or even if I had watched one of the excellent demo's by 2K's David Halse, I would probably have thought "pretty cool," but I don't think I would have been swayed to seriously consider buying it. But that would have been my loss. Now I'm trying to tell people about it so that I have a crowd to play co-op with."

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