AppSmile iPhone App Reviews: Real Soccor 2010 a Significant Upgrade From its Predecessor


While it is clear that Real Soccer 2010 is an improvement, it is more evolutionary than revolutionary. While there are no drastic changes, the additional modes and inclusion of online multiplayer are reason enough to upgrade from RS2009. With the recent release of EA's FIFA 10 and the upcoming release of X2's X2 Football, only time will tell which game will take the cup as the iDevice's king of the pitch. Replay value is very high, and the various leagues, cups, and multiplayer options should keep you engaged for months. Gameloft, as expected, released Real Soccer 2010 at $6.99, as it has done with most of its recent releases. Real Soccer 2010 hauls in a 4-Dimple ranking with a solid follow-up to this deserving franchise.

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