Champions Online Comic-Strip Creator Announced

Champions Online players can now make comic strips that star their own characters, thanks to a new collaboration between Cryptic Studios and MashON.

Using images captured from the game, players can make authentic-looking stories and share them with friends.

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Maticus3388d ago

Considering the look of the game, this feature fits right in. I'm off to make my comic right now :D

Leord3388d ago

I'm not a great fan of the lines around everything though :P

Leord3388d ago

Haha, awesome! Love the idea, and a very nice way to tie in the comic heritage with the game!

Malfurion3388d ago

Oh so much potential... I can think of at least 3 stories I could make right now.

I be this will be ripe for abuse though :-/

Leord3388d ago

No more abuse than how WoW screenshots are made into comics at this very moment :)

Dorjan3388d ago

Nice idea! I wonder how many with bother using it more than once though...

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