Halo goes Lego: Awesome Fan-Stuff

What happens when a popular game-series meets the Lego-franchise? The linked gallery shows characters, vehicles and stuff from the Halo-series made out of Lego.

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SebTh3293d ago

I like Lego, I love Halo - LEGO Halo > all!

PCA3293d ago

Halo Lego needs to be developed by bungie :D

The Iron Sheik3293d ago

Lego and Halo have a lot in common. They are both meant to be played by children.

The Iron Sheik3293d ago

Nope just telling it like it is.

And if you haven't noticed it is the bots who are doing all the crying around here as of late.

PCA3293d ago

halo is a very good multiplayer-series with a gigantic soundtrack. single-player is just "okay".

DiffusionE3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The original Halo was "okay" at best. The rest is bullcrap that Microsoft generates to milk the Halo-heads dry. Did you not notice how over-priced ODST was? I guess not....*facepalm*

On topic - Halo and Lego? No thanks. Maybe someone from kindergarten schools will like it. Oh wait, it is meant for infants, and so is Lego.

Kurt Russell3293d ago

Wow you guys should quit these boards... You are so damn funny you could bust out this kind of comedy for a living!

Nerd chumps

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aaron58293293d ago

Halo action figures after that...
Oh wait, have they done that already ?

What else could be done...

*think think think*

Erm, what about Halo Chocolate Milk ? Halo candy bars ?

Endless possibilities.

vShinobi3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

-Halo cartoon on nick.
-Halo shoes.
-Master Chief's guide to picking up women.
-Halo brand cheese.
-Halo book for kids, Master Chiefs holiday!
-A very Halo christmas.
-Halo Reach 2
-Halo Wars 2
-Halo vs Capcom vs Disney

NateNater3293d ago

But how about these...

They're Mega Bloks for Halo Wars. Click around the site to find some interesting recreations of Halo characters.

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