DUST 514 Trailer Released

CCP has released the first official trailer for its upcoming console based FPS/MMO, DUST 514.

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Maticus3385d ago

Looks pretty good actually, I wonder how many EVE fans will make the cross-over.

Cwalat3385d ago

I'm gonna take a huge leap and say "Day one!".

I don't care when/how/if this get's released... I'm getting it.

stevenhiggster3384d ago

I'm definitely gettin this one, my brother has been playing Eve for years (he's at something like 70'000'000 points). It will be interesting to see just how much effect this game has on the overall Eve universe.

kalebgray923384d ago

it kinda looks like halo 2 with just better graphics ... but looks way better graphics wise

talltony3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

and looks better than actual gameplay. Not impressed.

Here is the actual gameplay.

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Fyzzu3385d ago

EVE Online: The Console FPS? I can see that going horribly wrong in so, so many ways.

Leord3385d ago

Hehe, indeed. I wonder how many ways they can see this go well! :)

HarukoHex3385d ago

halo and killzone had a baby. XD

ShabzS3385d ago

haha ... looks like it ... and if it looks like its daddy and plays like its mother then this will be one awesome baby...

HarukoHex3385d ago

very true very true. ^.^

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The story is too old to be commented.