Jay Wilson Interview: Skills and Stats has posted the 4th section of their exclusive interview with Diablo 3 Lead Jay Wilson. In this portion of the interview Jay talks about skills, skill trees, character builds, and the new (and still secret) game mechanism to allow great character variety in attribute placement.

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Xulfxulf3295d ago

Jay was forthcoming once again, with a lot of new details about how the skill trees will be arranged in the final game, and some encouraging words about the level of character customization their secret attribute tweaking item game will allow.

Leord3295d ago

It's good you know how to encourage him to spill the proverbial beans :)

Cogo3295d ago

Without, where would we be now? :)

Maticus3295d ago

Lots of great info here, thanks :D

moondragon3295d ago

Ah thats just great, more hype of this game and i am gonna die of exitment.

Leord3295d ago

It's a relief they really thought this through. D2 is great fun, but the amount of balancing after release was enormous.

Cogo3295d ago

Well, D2 became big because it was kind of one of few action rpg games at the time, but it really has major flaws, looking with today's game mechanic eyes.

The lack of respec is ofcourse one of the major ones.

DJDarkstar3295d ago

Awesome :D I am really liking how D3 is shaping up, it is going to be sweet :D

Dorjan3295d ago

I'm still holding back some excitement... I just have a sinking feeling about this...

Redrudy3295d ago

Why a sinking feeling? I feel quite hopeful so far that it's heading in the right direction. Concerned abut the skills in particular or in general?

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