L4D2/Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings an "error"

EA has told Eurogamer that PlayStation 3 listings for Left 4 Dead 2 and Mass Effect 2 were posted to the publisher's Russian website in error. They've since been removed.

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Delta3296d ago

LOL Obviously there were. But I still hope Mass Effect come over.
Mass Effect is awesome.

Feral Gamer3296d ago

They'd have to bring over the first one, so people know where the story is coming from and can use their characters.

nix3296d ago

told ya... either the 360 fanboys' hearts are getting heavier or the russians are getting drunk'ier'! q:

Bereaver3296d ago

Uhhh well, I don't think they would need to bring ME1 to make sense of ME2. I mean.... everything has to start somewhere....

Look at Halo, the first one you started as masterchief, did you know about him at the start? No, but the story still unfolded.

Everything starts with nothing. You don't need FFX to understand FFX2 completely, even though they are completely interlinked. You could still guess that she has someone she's missing and see's this other guy as a similarity that she needs.

But yeah anyway, i thought ME was awesome.

zeeshan3296d ago

No comment? That screams that ME will be heading to PS3 sooner or later :)

redsquad3296d ago

Apart froma brief flirtation with the second game, I was a "Metal Gear Virgin" when I picked up MGS4 on PS3 and yet I still enjoyed it and found it immensely playable.

SprSynJn3296d ago

I didn't enjoy it, because I had no clue as to what was going on. So yeah, it would be a bit foolish to bring a sequel to an audience that knows not of its prequel.

Chubear3296d ago

I mean, really, "EA" says it was an error and the 360fans take it as gospel truth?... E-frickgen-A?! lol This is utter desperation. Let me spell it out for you all:


If anyone disagrees then please, agree to a bet by PMing me and I'll write it up. If you're right I'll buy you a game of your choice for ANY current gen gaming platform if I'm right you buy me the PS3 versions of ME and 2 other games of my choice for the PS3.

If you're 100% certain ME will not see the light of day on the PS3 this should be an easy picking for a free game in the future so I'm expecting my PM box to be flooded with takers. If not, then nuff said cause you all know it's coming to the PS3 regardless.

Come on, let's go, put your gaming where your mouth is - I DARE YA! :)


dreamcast3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

So if you lose you have to buy one game and if they lose they have to buy 3? Why would anyone agree to that? If you really believe it's coming out next year, at least make the bet fair. Sounds like you're not very certain.

on topic: No duh.. What were they going to say? "Yep, we haven't announced it yet, but it's coming to PS3. Don't tell anyone *wink*"

dachiefsman3296d ago

this video makes more sense than chubear

3296d ago
HolyOrangeCows3296d ago

...on PC.

I'd like to have the mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
And a frame rate higher than 3fps on Mass Effect 2.

dachiefsman3296d ago

@orange cow: why even say that your like beating the hell out of that dead horse. We get it you hate the 360, get over it.

@chubear: your deal is stupid, if I win I get a free game, but if you win you get three? Do you understand why I posted that video now?


3295d ago
Lifendz3295d ago

PS3 install base is too high to ignore now. And since when is EA console exclusive? It'll be like Bioshock. We'll hear rumblings about it forever and then 6-12 months after release on 360 it'll come out on PS3. Maybe even with improved visuals.

3295d ago
HolyOrangeCows3295d ago

I'm saying that I don't need the game on either console, grumpy fanpants.

They're both games best played on PC.

dachiefsman3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

here is the deal, I COULD CARE LESS if ME2 comes to the PS3. Why? Cause I have a PS3! So why would I want to take on your....once again...stupid bet!

@orangecow: best is a matter of opinion...I had slight hitches with ME on the xbox, and l4d ran smooth as silk. Come on orange cow just hate MS/Xbox.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3295d ago

WOW! Chubear looks like this news has realy hurt those feelings of yours. Dude go take some anger manegment classes and stop whining while you're at it.

Anyway, I'm sure that whatever deal MS had with Bioware is still in place. Sheppard is MS's new Master Chief and Marcus Fenix so I'm sure MS and EA worked out an exclusive deal. It wont be the first time EA has done exclusives for Microsofts platforms the PC or 360 or PC/360 this gen. One of the C&C, LOTR RTS, NFS, L4D 1/2 and Mass Effect 2 are all PC/360. Also there are many PC/Windows games that are PC exclusives that can only play on XP or Vista. EA loves money and MS has more to throw around than Sony and EA needs the money to battle Activision.

vhero3295d ago

I'm sorry but one game is an error but 2?? I feel there is more to this. Besides this is EA afterall.

Chubear3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Chubear, you're crazy" "you're delusional" "you got anger issues" "you make no sense" "MS gotz teh $$" "MS gotz teh exclusive IP rights" "you're a stupid fanboy"

... Still don't see no bets though lolz

dachiefsman3295d ago

@chubear: You know who you remind me of, that guy in multiplayer games who says "you wanna go one on one!"

that guy is the coolest!

dreamcast3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Your bet is stupid. Why would anyone agree to a bet when they would have to pay 3 times as much if they lost? Nobody knows for sure if it's coming to PS3 or not. If you were sure, you would at least make the bet even. It sounds like you think it's 3 times more likely that ME2 won't be seen on the PS3... which is why you think you should get more for winning, since the odds are against you.

You're just making it unfavorable for people thinking it won't come out for PS3 so that you can make several comments saying that people haven't PMed you and therefore aren't confident that it's coming out. You've already made 4 of them.

How about if it comes out on PS3, I'll give you a bubble... and if it doesn't, you have to buy me 10 games. If you're so certain that it's coming to PS3, you'll have no problems with that.

Chubear3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

SO you think it's fair for me to take the big high risk end of the bet and then bet up to 5 people so if I lose I'm out $300 but if they lose they're only out 60bucks? .. you sure you even know how bets work?

Men, you guys are so full of crap. This a massive bet in YOUR favour but you're too dumb to even see that. Ofcourse why would I have thought any different.

You don't even see the fact that you're even contemplating losing is significant cause you acknowledge that ME can indeed be on the PS3. If not it wouldn't matter how many games you're supposed to pay out.

If someone bet me that Killzone 2 was going to be on the wii and said I'd have to give 50games if I lost but only get 1 game if I win, hell, I take the bet cause I KNOW I won't lose. It's essentially a free game.

You guys are just full of crap, all you got is talk. You all know ME, SC etc are all coming to the PS3 but you'll hold out as long as you can so as not to look stupid for just a little while longer. Hey, I already have 2 people taking the bet all I need is 1 or 3 more and we'll do it. Funny how it's not even the loudest of the 360supporters that want to touch this at all. I'd think they'd jump on it.

dachiefsman3295d ago

@chubear: I am not a supporter of *insert console*. I am a fan of games, but when people are ignorant about something then I will speak my mind.

You should take dreamcasts deal it makes as much sense as your own.

I am surprised you would even want the port considering the PC experience is the best experience according to some of your companions.

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3296d ago
Chubear3296d ago

360fans are on the verge of losing it. You all know it's coming to the PS3 and all you really got is halo... again. Hey, even that's looking like it'll eventually end up on Playstation too lolz

JasonPC360PS3Wii3295d ago

You mean a "PC running Microsoft Windows says hi" but don't let that stop you droids from saying "I'll get it on teh PC" Thinking that it will somehow with magic pixie fairy dust stick it to MS by getting it on Microsofts other gaming platform "the PC"

3295d ago
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Jdoki3296d ago

I don't think EA were going to say anything else but 'oops'.

THC CELL3296d ago

waaaa the games suck anyways

enjoying uncharted 2

xbox am still waiting for u to tell me what game on your halbindabumfluff console looks better than uncharted 1?

Gears u said
well call me a sack of crap yet uncharted looks x10 times better
uncharted 2 we may as well call it a day

ya see ya halbindabumfluff console is out of date man it was maxed out when red faction 2 come out ( great game)

say splinter cell i dare u ( that game has soo many shortcuts)

i can only picture
call of duty mw
rainbow six
and the rest of the dumb down mp games been some of the best loooking games on ps3

turn 10 also u can find ways to bash ps3 dont make the fact that GT5p and full game is 100 times better than forza 3

btw anyone with common scene would no that these left for dead is not coming to ps3 and mass effect maybe

people best take note i can see if mass effect comes to ps3 it wont be a crime to add the first one on blueray also
its possible


Oh and dont say we will never get a game that comes close to call of duty as a exclusive cause i think MAG plays better than cod mw 1 and 2

Delta3296d ago

Mass Effect doesn't suck at all. It's the best 360 Exclusive (IMO). I would love to have this on PS3. L4D2 on the other hand is a different story (IMO)

unrealgamer583296d ago

lol 3 months later mass effect 1 coming to ps3. XD

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