Ten Minutes Of 3D Dot Game Heroes

From Software drummed up more 3D Dot Game Heroes buzz this past weekend with an event in Yokohama. The developers made a scheduled appearance at Yodobashi Camera and brought a playable build.

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RedPawn3294d ago

I can't stop laughing at the similarities,, between this & Zelda, w/a little Dragon Quest + Hylide in it.

Link to the Past > Ocarina of Time.

LiquifiedArt3294d ago

Who cares. Only fanboys trying to stir up trouble continue to hit on the similary bandwagon. This game looks amazing. I'm very psyched that such a simplistic old-skool game is being released.

Especially considering the wonder new coat of paint.

Bring it to the States!!

Lifewish3294d ago

can't wait to give this game a go, it looks fun