PSX Extreme: Gran Turismo 5 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "So, Gran Turismo 5. We're sure that you know that you have to wait another five months, or so, until the game is released and you get to partake in a midnight launch at your local GameStop or Best Buy - you know there will be one. But all of that extra time is there with good reason, as it's given Polyphony the opportunity to add a whole plethora of stuff they've been conceptually experimenting with for the game. As hard as it may be to wait for a game like GT5, once you read exactly what you'll be getting with the full package, you'll understand that the wait is well worth it."

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djreplay3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

This game just can't get to me fast enough, I need it like a dog needs 2 d!cks

Hanif-8763383d ago

I just can't wait for my copy, its gonna be the most realistic racing game on the planet!