Planet Xbox 360: Lucidity Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "It is hard to look at the gorgeous hand-painted look of Lucasarts' Lucidity and not expect something akin to the wonders of Braid, especially given the action puzzler gameplay of both titles. Sadly, not every pretty picture has depth behind it. Lucidity tells the tale of a young girl named Sofi staying the night at her grandmother's farm. With her grandma reading her a bedtime story, Sofi drifts off to a nightmarish fantasy version of the farm. Sofi begins sleepwalking, perpetually moving forward. Your job is to get her from one side of the level to the next, by placing various objects in her way to help her collect fireflies and avoid dangerous pits and enemies. If Sofi hits an enemy, she must collect a firefly before hitting the next, or you restart the level. Levels are not too long, but they do become much more dangerous, as you keep her in the air with minimal set ground pieces available."

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